Wedding year

When you wait a long time for something, you look forward to it more every day. That certainly applies to a wedding. After two uncertain corona years in which many weddings were postponed, we are waiting for a big catch up in 2022. These are not just any weddings. These are 'on top of' typical weddings. And Van der Plas knows what to do with that!

Magazine mockup 2022

Wedding Magazine

After two years full of restrictions, Van der Plas hopes to enjoy it again this year fully. Waiting two years means extra space and budget for gorgeous flower arrangements. That is why Van der Plas has teamed up with first-class growers and the very best florists.
The fantastic Wedding Magazine has been created in collaboration, an excellent book to catch up on all the inspiration needed to make an infinite number of bridal couples happy.

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Leading point sales conversation

Not only can the florist gain inspiration from this, but it is also a starting point for showing the latest ideas, colours and types together with the bride and groom during the sales conversation. This book covers everything from classic to hip, colourful to minimalist or playful – all styles and the latest trends. Think Olive green and baby's breath, the combination of dried flowers with fresh flowers, but also intimate and eco-friendly weddings will be fully featured in 2022.

This also means that 2022 will be a busy year for the florist. For Van der Plas, it is essential to support its customers in this as well as possible. With the help of this beautiful inspiration book and the associated ordering procedure, we want to make your work easier and make planning easier. Only if you can be 100 per cent confident that you will be thrilled with the delivery of our wedding flowers every time you can optimally focus on the creative work. This way, your customers get the very best results!

Would you like to receive our beautiful Wedding Inspiration Book? Then contact your account manager today!

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New order list

Therefore, our new way of ordering wedding flowers is easier than ever. With the new order list, everything is in one handy place: Van der Plas has selected the most beautiful varieties, colours and growers for you. You can order these flowers months in advance with the new ordering procedure. This way, you are assured that the flowers your customer wants on their big day are in the store on the right day to stand. Van der Plas is by your side 24/7 and, as the number one platform in Europe, pulls out all the stops to make this year a great success.

You can discover new functionalities on the renewed webshop during your next order, so don't forget to take an (online) look! Refined search functionality has been added, and the familiar icon has been moved to the assortment from the left side to the top navigation bar. In addition, the webshop has been refreshed in terms of colours. And of course, there will be a 'wedding' cup in the navigation bar in the webshop.

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