AAA Doria

If you think of autumn, you think of chrysanthemums, right? With endless variations and colours, there is always a beauty to choose from. In this blog, we delve into the colourful Doria family. And we travel to Italy, where the AAA Doria got its name.


Bring colour into your flower shop

A shop full of colour, isn't that what you want? Especially when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Chrysanthemums are an asset in your flower shop. They radiate from the very first moment and are extremely strong. It's great to see that chrysanthemum breeding never stops. The AAA Doria is proof of that. The Doria is named after an Italian colourful, flamboyant family. This Santini chrysanthemum is available in as many as seven colours. Which one is your favourite?


Flowers from Dutch soil

The AAA Doria was developed by chrysanthemum breeder Dekker Chrysanten. Like flower wholesaler Van der Plas, they have been active in the sector for more than 50 years. Dekker Chrysanthemums develops new varieties, different flower shapes and surprising colours. So that there are always chrysanthemums that match the trend of the moment. With 1200 employees, the company has everything to facilitate the entire process from breeding to finished product. Who cultivates your chrysanthemums? You can read all about it below.


The AAA Doria grower

One of the growers is Richard van Schie, but there are more growers who grow the AAA Doria. Richard specialised in growing several exclusive Santini varieties since 2004. Chrysanthemums from this grower are especially suitable for the higher segment. This is due to the high and reliable quality of its flowers. In addition, its focus on sustainability is of great added value. Richard uses minimal pesticides. He also generates most of the required energy himself.

The AAA Doria has been on the market for several years now. What is special about this Santini is its round flower shape, the number of colours in which the variety is available and its consistently high quality. For the complete range, feel free to browse our webshop.

Watch Richard here in the video