January, the first month of the year and a fresh start. All options are still open! There is no color as perfect as white to start the year with. In autumn, we saw the amaryllis shine in orange, around Christmas, the red version of this beautiful flower was the center of attention. Now it is time for the lighter colors in bouquets! Native to Central and South America, the amaryllis represents pride, admiration and enchanting beauty. The best way to start a new year and truly a magical flower. The cut amaryllis is often seen as a true Christmas flower, yet this magical flower is available well into the spring.

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Amaranthos Flowers

Flower grower Martin Vellekoop of Amaranthos Flowers Westland grew up with the amaryllis, he has been growing them within his family since the 1960s. The assortment has more than 130 amaryllis varieties and is available from November to February. "This is how we give florists the option to present this beautiful flower as a show-topper in the stores, even around Christmas. The amaryllis is used for all kinds of events, weddings and the decoration of large halls, churches and hotels. It is a real beauty that suits many different places," says Martin.  

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Sustainable and natural floriculture

On nearly 37,000 square meters, grower Amaranthos Flowers Westland and Rieneke van der Houwende grow the 130 amaryllis varieties. They do everything in their power to make sure thefloriculture is as sustainable and natural as possible. Old flower bulbsare always reused, unless they are diseased. "Amaryllis is perennial and is fixed for an average of three years. Every January, we change 33 percent of the flower cultivation. The flower bulbs are lifted, sorted, stripped of old roots and planted back in the disinfected beds after a three-week drying period," says Martin. The nearby tomato farmer delivers heat to the flower bulbs of Amaranthos Flowers Westland, no extra gas is burned. Extra sustainable!

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A wonderful spring mood

Are you already convinced to include the light amaryllis varieties in the assortment in January and February? The refreshing spring tones immediately make you experience a wonderful spring mood with the first rays of sunshine. Do you choose the Casablanca with its white medium-sized flower, the Challenger with its white flower with a distinctive green center, or the Mont Blanc, a flower as white as snow?

You can always request the flowers in any color by a special color treatment. There is an amaryllis for every wish and occasion!

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