Imagine, you are floating through the canals of Amsterdam during a wedding. With lovely people and tears of joy on your cheeks. Surely there’s nothing more to add? Wrong thinking. This setting is colourfully flanked by the grace and beauty of the voluminous hydrangea as well. In one word: wow!

Hydrangea wedding

Graceful full hydrangea

With the hydrangea at a wedding you immediately get that romantic atmosphere that should can’t be missing at a wedding. Hydrangea are beautiful full flowers and breathe love. In bridal bouquets, they symbolise gratitude, sincerity, grace and beauty. Hydrangeas are beautiful, full flowers that are easy to arrange with other flowers. With hydrangeas, you not only quickly get a lot of volume, but also a romantic atmosphere and beautiful colour setting for a wedding! Curious about a classic twist? Read on.

Hydrangea wedding

Cruising masculine elegance

Romantic is one thing, but a wedding often involves a man as well. You will see several masculine elements in this hydrangea wedding. Beautiful blue hydrangeas were chosen to make the atmosphere tougher. The blue and white fits beautifully with the naval theme and shapes the setting of an old school gentlemen’s club or captain’s cabin. The smooth lacquered walnut wooden surroundings complete the classic look and enhances the elegance of the hydrangea. Which hydrangeas do you choose for the best quality? Here is the answer to that question.

Hydrangea wedding

Hydrangeas of Sies van der Spek

The Sies van der Spek family has a colourful history: from growing large-flowered gerberas to mini gerberas and since 2019 different colours of cut hydrangeas. There are 10 different varieties in the nursery. Every day three trained employees and the owners Alie and Michel cut the hydrangeas. This way, the quality of hydrangeas is ensured. So you can focus on creating the perfect floral atmosphere for customers.

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