Wedding season has started again. A period when many people say yes to each other. For you as a florist, this is the time when you step it up a notch; after all, everything has to be perfect on that most beautiful day for your customers. So it is also important that the wedding flowers, such as the enchanting gerberas, look as beautiful as possible. The tips below will ensure that the gerberas in your bridal creations live up to this beauty ideal.

Van der Plas - Weddingflowers Gerbera

Use a clean vase

Always put the gerberas in a clean vase. This is because gerberas are very sensitive to water contamination. Pollution causes the vascular bundles to become clogged, causing the flowers to droop. So clean the vase thoroughly before filling it with water and putting the gerberas in. Preferably use a glass vase too, so you can see if the water is still clean.

Van der Plas - Weddingflowers Gerbera

Cut at an angle

Cut the stems of the gerberas at an angle before putting them in the vase. To do this, use a clean knife or scissors and remove about 2 to 3 centimetres from the stem. This ensures that the gerbera can absorb water better through the stem, allowing your customers to enjoy the beautiful flower for longer.

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Limited water requirements

Gerberas in a vase don't need much water. A small layer of water of 3 to 5 centimetres is sufficient. Add a bag of cut flower food to the water to extend the gerberas' shelf life. Alternatively, add a few drops of bleach lye with water to the vase. Also remember to change the water regularly and clean the vase again when changing the water.

Van der Plas - Weddingflowers Gerbera

Environmental factors

Make sure you put the gerberas away from ripening fruit, draughts and heat. This actually affects the freshness of the flowers. For weddings, it is recommended to keep the gerberas in water before using them. In doing so, put them in a cool room that is not too dry. Make sure the gerberas never stand in full sun as this can cause the petals to discolour.

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