Keep roses in tip-top shape! Parfum Flower Company roses look beautiful and smell wonderful. But how do you make sure they keep their beautiful appearance and lovely scent for as long as possible? To help you with this, Van der Plas shares three tips for caring for Parfum Flower Company's luxury roses.

Parfum Flowers Company Roses

Feed flowers

Getting off to a good start is half the battle. Give the luxury roses for your wedding a good start with flower food. By adding flower food to the water, you prevent the formation of bacteria and give the roses extra nutrients.

Van der Plas - Wedding Parfum Flowers Company Roses

Cut off the stems

Less is more? When it comes to the rose stems, yes! Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut or trim about 3 centimetres off the bottom of the rose stems. This will ensure that the roses can absorb enough water and nutrients.


Change the water

To keep the roses fresh for as long as possible, it's best to change the water every 24 hours. Notice the water getting cloudy earlier? Then change the water in the vase as soon as it starts to look cloudy.

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