Carnation wedding

If you search for Carnation wedding online, you will find pink and girly weddings. Having said that, we are the last to have an opinion on this. But, we would like to inspire you with an alternative: the Carnation vintage wedding. A wedding with the Carnation as it's centerpeace can also be cool. Not biker club cool. But together-we-stand-cool. If your customer is a free spirit, read on.

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Vintage wedding with Carnation

Forever yours, forever vintage. Does vintage make your customer happy too? Then they should be fans of this vintage theme. Carnations as the centrepiece of the floral composition. With the Carnation, you are saying: I am by your side for ever. You are also showing love in which passion is very important. Emotions are leading in the relationship of the bride and groom. Carnations are available in a wide range of colours. With a pink Carnation you say: I will never forget you. If you choose white, you are wishing someone happiness and love. Whatever colour your customer chooses. Forever yours, forever vintage they all say!

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Forever yours, forever vintage

We promised you in the introduction. Carnation is also for cool weddings. Flanked by eucalyptus, thistles, dahlias and anthuriums, the Carnation brings the sparkle. It provides the liveliness and the youthfulness. But she also provides the certainty and says: I will stay with you for the rest of my life. No matter what obstacles we have to overcome. Who should you go to for the best Carnations? Read on and you'll find out.

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Carnations of Zwirs

If you go for Carnation, you choose Zwirs. Years of experience and exclusive partnerships with international growers. These are the pillars of a high-quality and consistent product. Whatever time of year you need them, Zwirs always has Carnations. A tiara, a bridal bouquet, a corsage or on a heavenly wedding cake: the Carnation will not disappoint your customers. No matter what, this vintage classic brings liveliness and sparkles.

Hopefully, we inspired you with the Carnation vintage wedding. A wedding is romantic, special and exciting. The #1 platform for florists helps you, as a florist, with the wedding order list. Van der Plas promises: fixed prices, delivery guaranteed and quality assurance. You can order your flowers months in advance. Therefore, your customers know exactly where they stand. And so do you. So you can do what you do best. Make beautiful creations and let the bride and groom shine. Carefree and easy. Do you have any questions? We are here for you personally, your contact person will be happy to help.

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