for women's day. As spring approaches, we may begin to anticipate the peak of tulip season. Furthermore, tulips are a popular flower to give on International Women's Day. At PolderPride, they are well aware of the situation. The Tulip Growers' Association is seeing an increase in attendance as International Women's Day approaches.

Yellow Tulips


The tulip is always a popular flower, but around International Women's Day, the demand increases. One reason for this is availability: International Women's Day always falls in the middle of the tulip season, which runs from December to the end of May. However, this is not the only reason the tulip is extra popular around this international holiday. For example, yellow tulips symbolize appreciation and sympathy. With this, the tulip with its elegant appearance fits well with the theme of International Women's Day, where emancipation takes center stage. This year, for example, International Women's Day is in the theme of inspiring to understand and appreciate the inclusion of women. In this, things like appreciation and sympathy are crucial.

Variation of tulips

Varied offerings

Tulips come in many shapes and sizes. This allows florists to choose from red, yellow, white, pink, orange, and purple, and there are also multi-colored varieties. Each tulip variety also has its shape. To prevent selection stress for you and your customers, PolderPride has come up with something new in collaboration with Van der Plas: a mix box containing different colors of tulips. This way you can surprise customers with a varied and colorful selection of tulips. Willem van Duyn, flower buyer at Van der Plas, explains how the flower wholesaler came up with the idea of the mix box. "We would like to support the florist with a customized offer. We notice that many florists want to offer a diverse range of tulips. With PolderPride's mix box, you get a varied and colorful selection of high-quality tulips in your store."

Spring tulips

Basic colors

Sandra de Wit, who works as a tulip salesperson at PolderPride, explains which tulips are in PolderPride's mix box. "PolderPride's mix box includes a unique composition of different tulip varieties, including Strong Love, Strong Gold, Royal Virgin, Timeless, and Pink Adore. Each box thereby includes the Royal Virgin, supplemented by the base colors, yellow, red, and pink. Based on availability, we add one final variety that nicely complements these varieties and completes the varied selection. This makes it always a bit of a surprise exactly which beautiful tulips are in the mix box."

Tulip nursery

High quality

Willem says that with the mix box, as a florist you not only have flexibility in your supply, but also certainty about the quality. "We at Van der Plas have been working with PolderPride for a long time and can therefore say with certainty that the quality of the tulips is very good. With the tulips in the mix box, you can see this in the large, bright heads of the flowers, among other things. In addition, the tulips do not have too many leaves, which keeps the focus nicely on the flower. Moreover, the tulips do not grow too long, so they do not droop. So the tulips stay nice and short and stable in the vase, which in turn benefits the presentation."

White tulips grower

Cheerful flower

According to Sandra, the tulip is the ideal flower to delight your customers. "The tulip is a cheerful flower. Everyone loves to give and receive a bunch of tulips. The tulips in the mix box also have striking colors. They draw your gaze in with their bright hues. For example, the Royal Virgin has a pure white and elegant look, while the Strong Love has a deep red, charming look. A tulip that suits the upcoming spring season well is the golden yellow tulip Strong Gold, with its powerful and charismatic aura."

International Woman's Day tulips

Expression of sympathy

With PolderPride's new mix box, you choose flexibility and diversity in your assortment as a florist. Help your customers show their appreciation for their female fellow man with the cheerful and colorful tulips. Both before and after International Women's Day, these distinctive flowers are a good choice for anyone who wants to express their appreciation. With the mix box in Van der Plas' webshop, you can help your customers express their appreciation for the people around them. Choose a variety of expressive tulips as an interpretation for those warm feelings of appreciation.

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