A day in

the work life of a line truck driver at Van der Plas. Van der Plas has long been regarded as a dependable source of a diverse and sustainably grown assortment of flowers and plants. Every day, the Van der Plas team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality flowers and plants to florists across Europe. Let's take a look at someone at the heart of this mission's daily life. Cor Pronk, a dedicated and experienced line truck driver at Van der Plas, writes about his work experiences in this blog.

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Early start

Cor begins his work week with an early start on Monday, where he participates in the auction to select the best flowers and plants. In the afternoon, Cor gets to ride in the truck with a colleague. "I drive a DAF XG Plus, really a top-of-the-line car," Cor says proudly. The DAF XG Plus is a leading truck that offers comfort for the long distances he travels. "That's kind of necessary because I drive a lot of miles. The truck is huge; there's even a bed in it."

Truck driver route along Geneva

Enchanted route

Cors's days are graced by the enchanting drive past Geneva, on the side of picturesque France. A trip he shares with an inseparable colleague at the wheel beside him. Cor: "Together we traverse a distance of no less than 2,400 kilometers, a wonderful round trip." The roads stretch out like a storybook, filled with fun tunes, highlights, and rustic vistas that seem to pay tribute to the beauty of the French countryside. Cor undoubtedly enjoys the fixed route past Geneva on the French side each week. A breathtaking journey through Belgium, Luxembourg, and the enchanting mountains of France. The picturesque routes offer scenic views that make Cor's work even more special.

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More than just driving

Cor isn't just on the road delivering flowers and plants. He accomplishes far more than that. Cor's work is all about providing service and building strong relationships, whereas a truck driver only drives from point A to point B and often has little customer contact. Cor takes pride in solving problems on the spot. This personal touch sets his work apart and leaves an indelible impression on customers.

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Cor's highlights go beyond breathtaking scenery; it's all about the big picture. He still enjoys going to work because of the careful packing of flowers, meeting the needs of customers, and the satisfaction of a successful Tuesday night sale. "It's not just one aspect of my job that makes it fun," Cor says, "but the whole package." Driving, interacting with customers, and then having a nice dinner after you've sold the plants and flowers."

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Vast experience

For 16.5 years, Cor has enjoyed working at Van der Plas. The company's growth has not affected the family culture; the warmth and helpfulness among colleagues remain an important part of the work environment. "It feels like a family," says Cor, "where everyone supports each other and contributes to the bigger picture."

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Enjoying going to work

In conclusion, Cor emphasizes the essence of his work: the overall picture. From driving quality trucks to the informal atmosphere and the freedom on the road. Working at Van der Plas is not just a job; it is a passion that has kept Cor in flower sales for 16.5 years. Even traffic jams on Mondays are forgotten as he enjoys the view surrounded by mountains and melodies of his favorite music. It is this overall experience that makes Cor's work unforgettable.

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