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Colour, colour and more colour! In all shapes and sizes, one even fresher than the next. How do you choose a top 3? Our stylists, trend watchers, flower whisperer Roy Tijsterman and flora psychics joined forces. The result? Must-haves, must-sees and enchanting compositions. Clearly in a row. They are brought together into fireworks in a vase. This blog is brimming with inspiration. Just sit down for it. Do you want to shop now? Here you go to the 'product of the week' selection. Just as honest, this was a monster job! Imagine: select the top 3 types of cut flowers from the shop range of 30,000 products. And not just any 3 types. You want to see the three absolute toppers of the coming weeks. The pearls, the brilliants, the must-have-every-florist-in-the-shop-elite from the range. Yes, right? Then read on.

Van der Plas Summer collection196

Power Peonies

The undisputed number 1 of the moment. The Paeonia! Named after the Greek god of healing. You don't heal when you receive this lady. But she will put a smile on your face. And laughing is healthy! The peony comes from China. Now she is happily growing closer to home. And she ensures a colour explosion in every vase. Do you want vitamin D in your bouquet? And you like graceful and elegant? The peony is the answer. So gold for the Paeonia. Now, on to number two.

Van der Plas Summer collection56.2

Amorous allium

The silver is for Cherry, Gladiator and Purple Sensation. Three allium giants. Hundreds of purple flowers, together with a hoop-round spectacle. Is purple not your colour? It's lonely at the top does not apply to the stunning ice-white allium, Mount Everest. What flower wouldn't want to team up with that? Last but not least, the jump in the field, the vivacious, the dangling: allium Schubertii. A portion of fun in your bouquet! What will you combine it with? Finally arrived at the bronze. Who completes the podium? It is…

Van der Plas Summer collection84.2

Sparkle Ranunculus

Don't judge a book by its cover. And a flower not on the bulb. The ugliest ball of all, the Ranunculus. He looks stiff and pointed. Ranunculus undergoes an absurd metamorphosis from bulb to flower. From Beast to the Belle. From ugly duckling to swan. This splendour of a flower exudes summer, a breeze, a let-it-all moment. Your heart rate immediately drops to the carefree position. A well-deserved bronze medal for this winner!

Van der Plas Summer collection41

Astronomical range

Van der Plas is exceptionally proud of the enormous range we offer you. It is one of the reasons why florists choose us as their regular flower and plant wholesaler. The downside of the wide range: not every cut flower and plant gets the podium they deserve.

As a saving grace: inspiration at a glance.
Giga-Gladiolus, summer Sunflowers, magical Molucella, handsome Kniphofias, sharp thistles, shy Eremurese and Scadoxus totals!

Try saying "no" to that. Happy shopping!

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