as a basis for creation. Flowers are perhaps the most iconic symbol of spring. They stand out because of their beautiful colors and shapes, and as a result, they are frequently used as bouquet and floral arrangement decorations. However, the bright colors attract insects, which play an important role in pollination. Such a dual function can also be seen in the artistic decorative items in 4-Attention's spring assortment.

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Blessed Zinc Ferre

4-Attention is one of Van der Plas' Flourishing Partners. The company's decorative items ensure that your creations have something extra. Additionally, 4-Attention's articles are functional. Consider the lovely Zink Ferre pots, which feature a subtle ribbed pattern. The pastel green and pastel pink colors not only brighten up your store, but the jars are also ideal for storing colorful spring bulbs. Of course, you can use the Zink Ferre pots as a bright base for plants purchased from Van der Plas' online store or your creations!

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Stylish foundation

If you are looking for a unique and stylish foundation for your bouquets, the glass vase Philou is definitely worth considering. The Philou is special enough in design and color to stand out positively, but subtle enough not to steal the spotlight from the flowers that find a safe place in it. Use the slightly translucent vase to showcase one of our colorful gerberas or place a beautiful bouquet of white tulips. The Philou is diverse enough to accommodate a rich variety of flowers.

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Cheerful spring colors

Want to bring that infectious spring atmosphere to your store? Then be sure to check out 4-Attention's Magna ceramic pots. The cheerful, soft colors of these pots are sure to bring a cheerful mood to anyone who glances at them. For example, choose the creamy white or light brown variety as a neutral contrast with a green spring plant. Or go all-in for spring with the eye-catching ballerina pink and salmon pink pots and combine them with plants sprouting brightly colored flowers. Thanks to the different colors of Magna pots, you can go either way with your creations.

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Beating heart

An item that takes the dual function of decorative and functional to new heights is the striking Orta vase. Like its near namesake the aorta, it forms the beating heart of the most beautiful creations. This ceramic vase can be perfectly combined with the characteristic curling Easter branches or elegant tulips. Fresh colors such as creamy white, pale pink, and light olive green ensure that these timeless vases complement the flowers or branches without claiming attention.

Decoration for florist

Decorate spring

With 4-Attention's special and artistic vases, pots, and other products, you have everything you need to decorate your flower store in the spring theme. In the Van der Plas webshop, you will find articles from 4-Attention that combine the useful with the beautiful. You can choose between soft pastel colors and cheerful brighter colors. Go for a nice base for your spring creations with the surprising decoration products from 4-Attention in the Van der Plas webshop and give your offerings a sophisticated finishing touch!

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