With the arrival of autumn, the Zentoo Growers’ Association is once again introducing a new collection of chrysanthemums on Van der Plas’s webshop. This fall, the assortment is all about vibrant colors. Under the theme ‘Magic is Everywhere,’ Zentoo creates an enchanting atmosphere with an explosion of colors. Curious? In this blog, you’ll learn all about Zentoo’s colorful collection that has a hint of magic.

Zentoo chrysanthemums

New Magic

Anyone browsing through Zentoo’s autumn assortment will immediately notice a large number of new chrysanthemums. In the latest collection, the growers’ association presents 17 new varieties to florists. One of the newcomers is Kaya Colour, an open flower with warm, yellow petals. When you see the flower, you’ll understand the nickname ‘spiced honey’ right away. Also new is Mexx, a delicate flower with a deep red color that evokes a true autumn feeling. Mexx’s dark red hue also makes it ideal for use in Christmas bouquets.

A third newcomer in Zentoo’s chrysanthemum offering is Katinka Salmon. In contrast to Mexx, this chrysanthemum has softer colors. This makes Katinka Salmon perfect for combining with other flowers in bolder colors. The light salmon pink shade adds a cheerful touch. So, protect your customers from a potential winter dip with the magic of chrysanthemums

Zentoo chrysanthemums

Autumn Magic

Zentoo’s enchanting chrysanthemums are a beautiful addition to any autumn bouquet. The flowers are available in a wide range of autumn-like colors, ensuring there’s always a suitable color for your creations. By enriching your bouquets with the warm and vibrant colors of chrysanthemums, you add the magical ingredient of coziness that makes every flower arrangement a success. Additionally, the chrysanthemum is naturally blessed by nature with a lasting enchantment, ensuring it stays fresh for a long time. Furthermore, it pairs well with other flower varieties, promising a long and happy (vase) life.

Zentoo chrysanthemums

Light in Dark Days

Chrysanthemums are also perfect for celebrating All Saints’ Day. This Christian celebration commemorates all martyrs and saints within Christianity. Especially in Germany and France, white chrysanthemums are the preferred choice for All Saints’ Day. This is partly due to the symbolic meaning of the flower, representing happiness, a long life, and health. By using chrysanthemums during All Saints’ Day, we wish our departed servants and/or the saints and martyrs a happy eternal li

At Zentoo, you’ll find a variety of white chrysanthemums to bring light to the dark days. With the diverse assortment from the growers’ association, you can freely mix and match different white chrysanthemum varieties. Additionally, you can choose to surprise your customers with a refreshing combination of bright white chrysanthemums and chrysanthemums in dark, contrasting shades.

Zentoo chrysanthemums

Give Your Flower Creations the Magic Touch

Zentoo’s enchanting autumn collection has all the magical ingredients to make your bouquets a success. So, whether you want to create colorful autumn flower arrangements, thoughtful bouquets for All Saints’ Day, or warm Christmas creations, you can go in any direction with Zentoo’s chrysanthemums. Do you want to get inspiration now or replenish your magical arsenal? Then, take a look at all of Zentoo’s chrysanthemums on Van der Plas’s webshop.

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