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Summit Gerbera's green greenhouse! Van der Plas Flowers and Plants makes every effort to ensure that every flower is grown and sold sustainably.

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Nursery Zuidplas

One grower that contributes to Van der Plas' efforts is Kwekerij Zuidplas, an inspiring place where every flower tells a story of conscious cultivation and sustainability. The commitment to this sustainable growing method comes to life in the choice of Summit's beautiful Gerbera, which allows florists to make conscious decisions for flowers that are not only beautiful but also have a green heart. Discover Juriaan Weerheim's inspiring stories of sustainability!

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Special greenhouse

When you first see the greenhouse at Kwekerij Zuidplas, it looks like a normal greenhouse. Glass walls, a glass roof, and beautiful flowers. But appearances are deceptive. Inside the greenhouse at Kwekerij Zuidplas, the emphasis is on efforts to integrate sustainability into daily practices. Indeed, the greenhouse is a meticulously air-conditioned environment where heat, humidity, light, water, and nutrition are fine-tuned in detail for the best and most sustainable growth of the colorful gerberas.

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With enthusiasm and dedication

In conversation with Juriaan Weerheim of Kwekerij de Zuidplas, a good picture emerges of his enthusiasm and dedication to sustainability. With a background of no less than 45 years in the industry, Kwekerij de Zuidplas focuses on a future-oriented approach. As co-owner of the Gerbera Nursery, Juriaan emphasizes the importance of sustainability as a key theme within the company. More and more consumers are also finding sustainability important. In doing so, consumers want to know where and how products are produced. By choosing Gerberas from Summit, you support consumers who are interested in sustainability.

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Reuse of rainwater

The commitment to sustainability within Kwekerij de Zuidplas goes beyond mere energy conservation. The company collects rainwater and uses it as irrigation water for the plants. The water that returns is collected in a wastewater silo, disinfected of bacteria and viruses and the remaining fertilizers are reused and administered to the plants. Juriaan: "Previously, we used to heat on moisture. Nowadays we extract moisture from the air by dehumidification, using the so-called DryGairs. We then use the condensed water again for our plants. We send the remaining warm air back into the greenhouse."

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700 solar panels

Kwekerij Zuidplas uses green energy and a closed climate system to minimize its impact on the environment. Did you know that Kwekerij Zuidplas has 700 solar panels to generate energy? When these panels are fully active, the nursery can generate all the operating power it uses itself. That includes power for pumps, machines, and coffee machines, for example. With every gerbera you choose as a florist, you take a step toward a sustainable future. Consciously choose Summit's beautiful gerberas, grown with passion and respect for our planet!

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Deployment of natural enemies

Nursery Zuidplas is actively committed to both Gerbera quality and the environment. An important aspect of their sustainability efforts is biological control. Whereas chemical pesticides were used about 10 years ago, there is now more concern for people and the environment in pest control.

This approach means that Kwekerij Zuidplas uses natural enemies to control pests. This minimizes the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, Kwekerij Zuidplas will also start using insect netting to prevent unwanted animals from flying in from outside. This not only benefits the Gerbera itself but also promotes a healthy ecosystem.

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Less power consumption

Juriaan emphasizes that sustainability is not only a trend but also an essential saving for the company. "Reducing energy consumption is measurable: LED lighting has already reduced power consumption by 30%."

Nursery Zuidplas is still in the process of becoming more sustainable. Says Juriaan, "We are in the process of installing netting in the greenhouse vents to keep the greenhouse more closed, creating a home base for biological control agents. We are also working as much as possible according to the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan."

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Thriving sustainability

The efforts of Kwekerij Zuidplas are not just an individual act of sustainability but contribute to an entire industry going greener. By consciously choosing Gerberas from Summit, you are supporting this sustainable revolution in the flower industry. Let's collectively strive for a world where flowers are not only beautiful but sustainably nurtured. Offer your customers a choice of Summit's beautiful gerberas, grown with care for the environment. View the full collection in the Van der Plas webshop.

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