New green

into the new year with RM Plants' plants. Now that both Christmas and the New Year are behind us, it's time for a fresh start. You help your customers fill the void left by the Christmas tree and poinsettias with the most beautiful indoor and outdoor plants! Items that lend themselves well to this are the tropical and Mediterranean plants in the assortment of RM Plants, the new Flourishing Partner of Van der Plas.

Year-round assortment

Year-round assortment

RM Plants has more than 500 indoor and outdoor plants available year-round. The assortment includes tropical plants from Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica) and Asia (China and Thailand). In addition, florists can also turn to RM Plants for Mediterranean plants from Italy, Spain, and Portugal, among others. Thanks to the wide range of garden and indoor plants, florists can count on the most beautiful plants every period.

Quality is of paramount importance: "Like Van der Plas, we focus on high-quality plants," says Rémi van Adrichem, owner of RM Plants. "In addition, we want to be flexible towards florists. For example, when ordering, we do not set minimum requirements for the number of units desired by the florist. We want to go the extra mile to help our customers. So in that respect, we are very much on the same page with Van der Plas. So the cooperation is a logical consequence of our shared values of quality and service.”

Dypsis lutescens


In Van der Plas' webshop, you will find several plants from RM Plants that will help your customers say goodbye to the holidays and welcome the new year. A good example is the Dypsis lutescens, also known as the areca palm. With its bright green leaves pointing to the sky, this tropical indoor plant adds some extra spirit to any space. You can also delight your customers with a tray of different green houseplants. This combination of green additions includes the Cycas (peace palm), the Dieffenbachia tropical snow, the Schefflera, and the Yucca. The plants are 60 to 70 centimeters tall, so they can show their beauty in different places in the house.


Inside and outside

Want to bring your customers some color in these cold and dreary days? Then go for the Camellia! Thanks to its beautiful flower, the 'Japanese Rose' brings life and a piece of joy to your customers' gardens. If purchased in January or February, your customers can first put this hardy plant indoors to enjoy the extra flowering period. Then they can plant the Camellia outside and it will show its flower outside the following year.

In the webshop of Van der Plas, you will also find a plant by RM Plants with a hybrid character: the Citrus calamondin likes direct sunlight and warmth and can therefore be fine outside in spring and summer. As soon as the temperature falls below five degrees, it is wise to bring 'the mini-mandarin' inside, because it is not winter hardy. The Citrus calamondin is a beautiful full plant and if your customers take good care of it, they can also enjoy the citrus fruits growing on it.


Cheerful cacti

Another option to help your clients bring new greenery to the living room is the tray with a mix of cacti. Despite their prickly appearance, these plants bring a lot of cheer to the space where they may be. It could hardly be otherwise, since they originally come from the sunny Canary Islands. Some of the low-maintenance cacti bloom in the spring to herald spring.

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Good start

With RM Plants' indoor and outdoor plants from Van der Plas' webshop, you will help your customers start the year off right. The new colors and fragrances of these plants help to make a fresh start. Whether you are looking for a beautiful citrus plant, plants with beautiful flowers, or bright green houseplants, you will find it in the collection of our Flourishing Partner RM Plants. Discover the full range in the Van der Plas webshop immediately and give your customers the best possible start to the new year!

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