Sometimes, as a florist, you look for a flower that is different from all the others. A bloomer that can create and “carry” a bouquet with its exotic appearance. As a Flourishing Partner of Van der Plas, Coloríginz offers several flowers under the Odilia brand that fit this description. From the impressive Protea – the national flower of South Africa – to the robust Banksia hookeriana. The importer also keeps an eye on the sustainable aspect of the cultivation chain.

Banksia Hookerana

Extraordinary flowers

Flourishing Partner Coloríginz helps Van der Plas with a wide range of brands to offer a versatile and diverse assortment of unique flowers and original cut greens. For example, the Odilia brand includes extraordinary flowers from South Africa, Portugal, and beyond. Striking flowers within the range in Van der Plas’ webshop include the Banksia, the Protea, and the Cape Green; all flora that stand out positively because of their different shape and color.

Leucospermum Soleil en Succession

Powerful base

The striking flowers covered by the Odilia brand lend themselves perfectly to a variety of bouquets. For example, the bright colors of the Nutans mix fit perfectly into a characterful autumn bouquet. You give any flower creation an instant autumn vibe with the bright red Leucospermum Succession combined with the orange Leucospermum Soleil with its pale yellow hues. Both flowers also lend themselves well as the basis for a colorful bouquet for All Saints Day. Moreover, these flowers are so special in appearance that they make a bouquet shine on their own.

Banksia Coccinea

Exotic ingredients

Two other exotic ingredients for the most beautiful fall and All Saints bouquets are Cape Green and Banksia. With its pear-shaped and large flowers, the robust Banksia hookerana makes a great base for a variety of floral creations. Because it is available in both ruby red and hail white, the Banksia fits perfectly into a bouquet for All Saints. In addition, the Banksia is a tough flower, remaining good for years after purchase. Another flower that goes well with the shades of All Saints’ Day is Cape Green with its silvery spheres. The unusual but modest color of the cups matches perfectly with bright white chrysanthemums, for example. Combined with the flexible stem, this makes the flower a fine filler in All Saints bouquets.

Silver Brunia


The flowers of the Odilia label available in Van der Plas’s webshop do not only stand out for their external characteristics. Like the shape and color of the flowers, the way they are grown is also special. The roots of Banksia, Leucospermum, and Cape Green come from a family nursery that forms a close-knit community.

The workers live on the farm where the flowers are grown and receive support for their basic needs as needed. In addition, the workers learn how to manage a successful growing business themselves, to make a success of another nursery of which they are 50% co-owners. In this way, Coloríginz is actively working through the growers to make the employees of the nurseries self-reliant.

Protea Madiba

Eye for the environment

In addition to focusing on empowerment among growers, there is also a focus on the environment. For example, Coloríginz is exploring ways to package the flowers for transport more sustainably. Furthermore, the Flourishing Partner is trying to reduce the carbon footprint of the flowers under the Odilia label by transporting them by boat or truck, rather than by plane. Coloríginz also encourages growers to become certified, to make processes even more sustainable during the certification process.

Blushing Bride

Unforgettable creations

Do you want your creations to stand out? Odilia’s flowers excel in making your bouquets visible with their extraordinary external properties. Using Banksia, Cape Green, and Leucospermum you can create flower combinations that will stick in the memory of your customers. To help you do this, Van der Plas now has a special promotion in the webshop. So order quickly in our webshop and take advantage of this great offer. You will soon surprise your customers with flowers they have never seen before!

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