Spring has arrived and the sun is showing itself more and more often again. Many people see spring as the 'appetiser' for summer. A flower that fits in seamlessly with this line of thinking is the peony. With its radiant appearance, this rich and sumptuous flower symbolises spring as the gateway to summer. Flourishing Partner Greenflor has been importing the most beautiful peonies in a variety of colours and shapes for years. With the onset of the peony season, there is no better time to surprise customers with the versatile peony!

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Flower with a story

The peony has a rich history. People have enjoyed the flower's sunny radiance for centuries. For instance, the peony has been enriching the lives of Europeans since 1784. Before this, people in China already used the flower's roots to lower fever and to stop bleeding. The flower's name seems also to be based on the medical effects of its roots. The Latin name Paeonia is derived from Paieon, the Greek god of healing.

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An ornamental horticulture treasure hunt

Every year, Greenflor scours the continents in a search for the most beautiful and newest varieties of ornamental plants. Like a true treasure hunter, the company discovers the finest jewels in the world of flowers. For the finest peonies, Greenflor does not have to look far from home. The colourful peonies imported by Greenflor mainly originate from the South of France.

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Beautiful varieties of peony

If you love peonies, Greenflor is the place to be. The flower wholesaler has an extensive range of peonies in all shapes and colours. As a result, you can offer your customers bouquets with double peonies, powdered peonies, or peonies with two colours. A peony that always does well is the Pink Hawaii. This double-flowered peony stands out for its unique pink colour and voluminous appearance. A peony that is also very popular is the archetypal Dutch Sarah Bernard: an all-round flower that is a welcome addition to any room thanks to its large size and subtle pink hue.

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100 shades of white

The peony symbolises a happy and prosperous marriage. As a result, the bright flower is also the perfect choice for in the radiant bride's bridal bouquet. The pearly white rose petals perfectly suit any wedding and create a luxurious, dreamy and slightly playful ambience. With its powerful look, the peony doesn't need any help from other flowers to set the mood either. Curious about these and other wedding themes? Request our free wedding magazine from your contact at Van der Plas. In it, you will find countless ideas for inspiration for wedding flowers for your customers!

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Moving towards summer

Whether as a gorgeous wedding decoration or to help you get into the summer mood, peonies suit every situation. Bring the summer to your customers with the radiant peony. Because with the colourful and versatile peony you will put every customer in a good mood!

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