The fact that many people cite summer as their favourite time of year is not surprising. After all, the sunny summer days add extra colour to every environment. A flower that suits summer well in this respect is the Dahlia. After all, the Dahlia is known for adding colour to its surroundings from the middle of summer until autumn. The versatile flower also stands up well to the hot summer days.

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Multitude of variations

Being colourful is not the only positive feature offered by the Dahlia. The flower, for instance, can be used in many different situations because of its multiple variations. Florists can select from the diverse flowers of the Karma series, the string-shaped flowers belonging to the Spider collection and the spherical pompon Dahlias. The wide variety of colours and shapes make the Dahlia a joy to work with in all kinds of floral creations. This makes it the ideal choice for florists who like to give free rein to their creativity when putting together the most beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements.

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Evolution of the Dahlia

Older readers will mainly recognise the Dahlia as that flower that often stood in grandparents' gardens. Despite the Dahlia's colourful appearance, the flower's popularity was somewhat overshadowed by other flowering flora for a long time. In recent years, however, the Dahlia has seen a real rise in popularity. Roy Tijsterman, buyer at Van der Plas, is not surprised by the Dahlia's growing popularity: "The Dahlia is a flower with its own strong personality and bright colours. Its striking appearance makes the flower add character to the spaces in which it stands."

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Bold bridal flower

"Partly because of its intense colours and unusual shapes, the Dahlia is a popular choice for weddings," Roy explains. "Thanks to the extensive range of different colours, there is always a Dahlia that matches well with the colours of the wedding theme." In this regard, the white Dahlia Caro is a popular choice, as it goes well with the traditional white shades surrounding weddings. Roy himself thinks the Wizard of Oz is a very beautiful Dahlia variety. "The pretty pink petals form a nice colour combination with the bright yellow centre. As a result, the flower manages to set just the right tone in many different situations."


Esteemed guest

The Dahlia is a welcome guest at weddings as well as other (summer) occasions. This makes it a safe choice for any florist who wants to add some extra colour to his or her creations. But what about the availability of the popular flower? "Due to the weaker summer conditions, the amount of Dahlias available this season is still a bit disappointing," Roy explains. "Fortunately, at Van der Plas we have good agreements with the growers, so florists never miss out when looking for Dahlias for weddings or other occasions." Do you want to share the intense colours of summer with your customers? With the Dahlia, you maintain the summer feeling even during a summer shower. Order the most beautiful Dahlias through Van der Plas' web shop now!