Dyed flowers

The holidays are coming! To dress up your business in festive atmospheres, Rotoflowers is launching stylish, dyed cut flowers in chic colours such as gold, silver, bordeaux and champagne. Your personal contact at Van der Plas will be happy to tell you more about all the festive options. Get your customers in the festive mood with Rotoflowers' coloured cut flowers!

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Graceful transition

Rotoflowers is known for its beautiful summer flowers that are available year-round. As we slowly head towards the holidays, an elegant sauce transforms these beautiful cut flowers into real enrichments for the festive season. Through special dyes, Rotoflowers gives the carefully selected cut flowers a special touch that instantly makes every customer look forward to the holidays. With eighteen varieties of cut flowers in various shapes and lengths, you can easily put together a suitable bouquet for Christmas and New Year's Eve for every customer.

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Fine details

One flower that stands out extremely well in Christmas bouquets is the Ammi majus, popularly known as Groot akkerscherm. "Putting different colours of Ammi majus together creates bouquets that are sure to catch the customer's eye," says Arie van der Plas, general manager of Rotoflowers. "In addition to the beautiful colour varieties, this is also due to the beautiful head of the flower with its fine details. So as a florist, you can completely give free rein to your creativity with the Ammi majus."

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Large range and long vase life

According to Arie, partly because of this, Ammi majus is in high demand every year. Yet as a flower shop, you don't have to be afraid of missing out on this popular flower. "Thanks to the cooperation with Rotoflowers, Van der Plas is the only flower wholesaler to have a very extensive supply of Ammi majus, which means we have enough for every florist. An extra advantage of the Ammi majus is that the flower lasts a long time. After you put the cut flowers in a vase, they will last around 3 to 4 weeks. So you can really present the customer with a bouquet that will last for weeks."

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Golf ball on stem for field bouquet

Another striking flower in Rotoflowers' range is the Craspedia. This originally yellow flower, like the Ammi majus, is available in different (Christmas) colours, such as antique gold, purple, silver and red. "Because of these different, special colour varieties, you can have a nice variety with the Craspedia," says Arie. "The flower has a distinctive shape, perhaps most like a golf ball on a stalk. Because of this unusual contour, the flower fits perfectly into a field bouquet. Thus, florists can also create appropriate field bouquets during the holidays to evoke the right atmosphere."

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Shape filler for bouquet

The spiky flower of the Eryngium is another fine example of a summer flower that, with the right jacket, seamlessly transforms into an ornament for the holidays. "The Eryngium is a bit fuller than the Craspedia," Arie explains. "This makes the flower a great filler for bouquets. Florists can use the Eryngium well, for example, as an alternative to fresh cut flowers. In doing so, they can choose from coarse or fine cut flowers with a length of 40 to 70 centimetres."

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Everything that sparkles

Rotoflowers' new collection includes everything you need to offer your customers themed cut flowers for the holidays. And to really get them in the mood, all cut flowers in Rotoflowers' Christmas line are available with an artificial snow and glitter finish. This is how you help your customers introduce the 'party' into the festive season!

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