Freshest flowers

How come the flowers at Van der Plas are so fresh? This is a question we are often asked at Van der Plas. The short answer is: thanks to our logistical experts! Quality of flowers = freshness of flowers. Fresh flowers have to go from field to vase as quickly as possible. Three Van der Plas inventions to make the time from grower to florist as short as possible: 1. Freshly harvested flowers (no stock) thanks to the Cube 2. Ideal speed thanks to the Pitstop 3. Lightning-fast delivery thanks to Hubs


Freshest flowers thanks to Cubism

When talking about Cubism, people used to mean the art movement within modern art. Nowadays, certainly within Van der Plas, Cubism is a logistical work of art. Our colleague Sander van der Gugten moulded experience, process and scientific theory together into 'the Cube'. The Cube distributes the flowers directly to each specific customer area. No order picking, no stock, no loss of quality, less mistakes and more importantly: unique freshness of your flowers. Order complete? Pack it up!

Van der Plas Summer collection16

Freshness thanks to the Pit Stop

Drivers in Formula 1 make a pit stop to be able to win the race. It's the same with Van der Plas. However, our 'race' is the freshness of your flowers. The Pit Stop is - once again - a logistical top performance. With the Pitstop, we prevent peaks in supply for our employees. And the result? Happy employees, fewer errors and (even) happier florists.


Hub, hub barba truck

The third showpiece of Van der Plas: logistic hubs. Flowers were on the road for a long time. All customers had to be delivered by one truck. That can be time consuming. The solution: hubs. Trucks from Van der Plas bring the flowers to a logistical hub. The flowers are then transported to your flower shop by smaller trucks. The advantages are almost too numerous to mention:

  • the flowers arrive fresher to the florist

  • the small cars are much safer in the city

  • the small cars are more economical and sustainable

The number of Van der Plas hubs is still growing. And that is good news!

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