Can I make my own favourites list?
Yes. You can select personal favourites and put them on your favourites list(s). This makes it easier and faster for you to do your shopping.

How do I make a list of favourites?
1. Choose the main category 'flowers' from the light green bar at the top.
2. Via the 'Select favourites list' button in the blue horizontal bar. Click on the button and then on ‘Create new list’.

How can I add a product to a favourites list?
1. Think about which product you want to have on your favourites list.
2. Find the product and click on the red heart.
3. Tick the list(s) of favourites you want to add the product to.

How can I remove a product from a favourites list?
Via the ‘my account’ symbol > ‘Manage favourites’. Click on the favourites list of you want to edit. You will now see which products are on your favourites list. By clicking on the bin behind the product you remove this product from your favourites list.

How can I delete a list of favourites?
Via the ‘my account’ symbol > ‘Manage favourites’. Click on the bin behind the favourites list you want to delete.

Can I add one product to several favourites lists?
Yes, you can. Find the product and click on the heart. Put a tick next to your favourites lists to which you want to add the product.

Can I add plants, flowers and decoration to one list of favourites?
No. For the time being, you can only make favourites lists for flowers.

Can I make a list now for a busy period?
Yes, you can. It's very smart to work in advance. But you can only put flowers on your favourites lists that are currently available.

Which lengths will appear on my favourites list if I select flowers as favourite?
If the product range is narrow, all lengths from all growers are included. This allows you to compare product prices. In the case of a wide range, you will see your specifically chosen product.

Can other Van der Plas customers see my favourites lists?
No, they cannot. Absolutely not. Your favourites are personal and linked to your account. No one else can see your favourites.

How can I see if a product from my favourites list is no longer available for order?
A favourites list that you select from the main category 'flowers' only shows products that are available at that time. NOTE: Is the shop open?
All favourites are always visible via the ‘my account symbol’ > Manage favourites.

Do I order a product if I choose it as a favourite?
No. Click on the heart to put the product on your favourites list. You can buy the product with the plus sign. After you selected the favourites list the product is on.

Can I make a list of favourites invisible (temporarily)? For example 'Christmas' if I don't need it for the time being?
No. Not at the moment. However, this option is on our wish list. So maybe in the near future.