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Save products you find interesting! So that you can find your marked favourites quickly during future shopping sessions.

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Adding Favourites ❤️

Saving products is done by clicking on the heart icon next to the product. Then select the list of your choice. This way, you can easily save all your favourite products in one place.

Different lists
To view or shop your lists, click on 'Favourites' in the header or in your account. This makes it easy to group items that have caught your interest in favourites lists and find them later. Ideal for quick findability, but also if you want to take some time to think about your purchase.

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Only Benefits

  1. Personal Catalogue: It helps you organise and keep track of your interests and preferences, giving you a better overview of what you really want or need.

  2. Budget management: It allows you to keep track of price changes and buy when you think the price is right.

  3. Saving time: You don't have to search again. All the products you often buy or find interesting can now be centralised in one place.

  4. Easier decision making: You can look at them whenever you want and weigh them against each other, which can help you to make a thoughtful choice.

Have we convinced you? Create a favourites list and transform the way you shop: more convenient, more productive, and more satisfying!