Flower parade

Think colour, splendour and hand-decorated floral floats: more than 1000 volunteers, 1.5 million flowers, 16 floats and no fewer than 950,000 spectators. Van der Plas is located a stone's throw from the starting point of the Flower Parade in the Bulb Region and passed by. Read on and view the photos of the phenomenal creations.

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Special parade moments

More than 1,000 volunteers will roll up their sleeves in the coming days. They decorate the floats with mainly hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. The atmosphere is relaxed. The heroes of the parade have just started their work. The welders and painters have preceded them. The contours of the cars are already clearly visible. Arrangers of the parade also choose flowers from our Flourishing Partners Dutch Lily Masters, Polder Pride  and Summit Gerbera. Only the best quality flowers are used.

In addition to the volunteers who take care of the 'sticking', we also see 'arrangers'. These heroes are also here voluntarily. The arrangers are the artists of the parade. They get to work with the concept of the parade float and think about which (bulb) flowers they can use. The arrangers choose different techniques. Some frolic with oasis and chicken wire, while another works with iron fences and flower bottles with water.

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Arrangers bring the Corso to life

Florists are hard workers. Florist and arranger Shauny is no exception. 38.5 weeks pregnant, but Shauny continues to work in her travelling flower market stall. In addition to her work, Shauny is also a volunteer for the parade and invents and creates the floral artwork on the carriage. She takes a moment and explains the concept of the float. The concept is called With your head in the clouds. We take the spectators in colourful hot air balloons into the clouds above the beautiful Bollenstreek. We use bulb flowers from the Bollenstreek. Lilies, alliums and fritillaria are our 'clouds'. Not harmful to sit with your head in that," she concludes with a laugh.

Idiaan corso.2

Would you like to visit a parade in the Netherlands?

Want to experience a course yourself? The Netherlands has several parades, each with its character. In the Westland, a greenhouse near The Hague, the parade consists of decorated boats. In Rijnsburg and Katwijk, where we are located, the parade will take place on 12, 13 and 14 August 2022. The Zunderts Corso uses dahlias for its floats. The creations are often grand and compelling. The Keukenhof and the Floriade are not to be missed either! Are you in the Netherlands? At Van der Plas, we always welcome our customers. Drop us a line if you're in the area!

What sticks out most about the parade visit? The lovely atmosphere, the hard work and the feeling that all volunteers are proud to be part of the parade. As if it is a family that knows: together, we make sure it works. It looks a lot like Van der Plas. We also know there: together, we ensure that our customer wants successful.