Flower tips

Pascal's tips & tricks. Delve into the art of floral styling with wedding floral stylist Pascal de Laat, one of the creative brains behind The House of Artz. Known for his innovative approach and fresh ideas in floral art, Pascal shares his tips for any floral stylist with a passion for event and wedding styling.

Van der Plas - Colorful wedding

First things first

A good start is half the battle, agrees Pascal. “Good preparation will save you a lot of time". Buy nice and early and make sure you get the flowers two to three days before the event, so they have a chance to open up nicely before the big day. For a Saturday wedding, I order my flowers as early as Monday so that I have them in by Wednesday. That way I always work with the most vibrant flowers." He also stresses the importance of good preparation on the day itself. "Take enough staff to the venue. The last thing you want is running against the clock to get everything ready."

Van der Plas - wedding flowers lilies

Dare to experiment

There are sometimes those moments when your creativity is at a low ebb. This is where the experimental part of the trade comes in. "Take inspiration from the work of other floral stylists and add your own unique twist," advises Pascal. He gets a lot of inspiration from social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest, by looking at the creations of florists around the world. "They use different products than we are used to here and that can open your eyes to new possibilities." Involving the bride and groom in the design process is also a good tip, according to Pascal. "The focus is often only on the bridal bouquet, but floral decoration obviously goes much further than that. Therefore, involve the bride and groom in the entire design process, so that together you can develop a theme or style that really tells something about their love story."

Van der Plas - Pascal de Laat

Discover new trends

To conclude, we asked Pascal about the trends for the 2024 wedding season. He sees great popularity in sunset colours such as yellow, orange and pink. These colours are often combined in an eclectic way and give floral arrangements a dynamic and vibrant flair. He also points to the rise in the use of unusual materials in floral arrangements. "The trend tends towards a funky, ikebana-inspired style, where you can use all kinds of materials - from pomegranates to artichokes and even bread," he says. So don't be afraid to experiment and add your own unique touch to your floral creations."