Eva Dorfler

Natural, casual and contemporary. This is how the style of the Bavarian florist Eva Dörfler can best be described. Her surprising flower creations are displayed in her fine store Blumen Fritz and at many events and weddings. Especially for Van der Plas, Eva is going wild with tulips this month!

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Blumen Fritz

For two years now, she has been the proud owner of Blumen Fritz in Rosenheim, a cosy town in Bavaria, Germany. If you walk past her pastel green building, you can't help but peek inside. You will find beautiful cut flowers and beautiful plants, and contemporary home accessories to make your house a home. It is not without reason that Eva's motto is: 'Discover your home.'

Sustainability and quality are of paramount importance to Eva. "Day-fresh flowers of the very best quality, in all shapes and sizes, that's what I value," Eva begins. "That's why I searched intensively for competent suppliers and partners, and I found them!"

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Delicious from our region

Eva likes to work with flowers from her region. "In Germany, we love flowers from our region. We also want our flowers and bouquets to be as natural as possible." Therefore, a fresh field bouquet from the Bavarian hills is always a hit with its customers. "My experience is that the more natural my bouquets are, the more popular."

Her range is never the same. "I constantly try to follow the latest trends. I look for inspiration from other florists, but also on social media. Because my clients are extremely diverse – from young to old, traditional to modern, with a small or large budget – I want to offer something to everyone. Hence the wide variety of flowers and pieces in my shop."

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Dry and fresh in the mix

Eva also sees dried flowers becoming increasingly popular. "Especially in bleached, soft, white tones, with occasional striking accents, such as bright pink or turquoise. The colour black is also a big theme with us. I like to mix dried and fresh flowers."

She does this not only for the customers in her store but also at events and weddings, from minimalist to elegant wreaths, from traditional to exotic bridal bouquets and from artistic to breathtaking table pieces that you immediately say 'yes' to. "My style is loose and light," she says about it. "And my favourite colour to work with is pink. Preferably nice and bright!"

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Popping with tulips

Eva let her creativity loose as our Florist of the Month on the brand new Polderpride tulips, especially for Van der Plas. The dedicated growers behind this leading tulip brand do everything themselves: from bulbs to tulips. She used the soft, light Northcap tulips and the popping, colourful Flashpoint tulips. Eva knows what to do with that. The result immediately makes us feel like spring!

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