Spring is coming, and that means the daffodil season has started. This cheerful flower announces the new season in its own style with its colourful trumpets. Bring on the spring! Our supplier Leeuwenburg takes us to his bright nursery in the Bollenstreek.


About C. Leeuwenburg B.V.

At C. Leeuwenburg B.V., which specializes in fresh cut flowers, spring is already full of colour and fragrance. They have many colourful cut flowers, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths in the spring season. You name it. From the company's start, C. Leeuwenburg B.V. built a good relationship with the growers, which is still cherished today.


Growing inboxes

As Leeuwenburg walks through the blooming fields, he explains: "Each grower uses a different cultivation method. Box forcing is one of these methods. The advantage of this is that it is not weather dependent. This gives you some influence on the process. Instead of planting in boxes, which are then brought into the greenhouse later, it is also possible to plant directly in the greenhouse soil. Our growers also grow in roller greenhouses. In that case, after the bulbs have received sufficient natural cold, the greenhouse is rolled over the daffodils."


A real spring flower

The daffodil is a typical spring flower. They have an elegant look. They are not grand, but eyes tender and open. This charming flower is a feast for the eyes. Sunny yellow and radiant white are the primary colours of this trumpet-shaped flower, but this flower is available in all colours by breeding new varieties. And then there is also a choice of scented, odourless, large or small trumpets? For each his own. Do you already have daffodils in your shop? This week in the spotlights at Van der Plas.


Spring inspiration for your store

Spring is about to start, also in your store? With the colourful daffodils, you immediately bring the natural spring feeling into your store. A lovely spring inspiration: bundle some bunches of daffodils upright in a bowl with a little water. The daffodils open very slowly. Bring on the spring vibes!