It’s time to put a little ray of sunlight in the spotlight. That's right. This is an ode to the shining centrepiece in every vase: the gerbera! And also to its little brother: the germini. When you think of the gerbera, something happens inside you. Happy feelings bubble up, light-hearted thoughts dispel worries and youthful energy flows through your veins. Dance, hop, sing, laugh and beam. Act like a gerbera!

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Summit Gerbera

If you go for a gerbera, then you go for Summit Gerbera. The number one growers' association for gerberas and germinis. Summit Gerbera has an amazing assortment. For every mood, interior desire or occasional bouquet, they have suitable offerings. And do you know what is so wonderful? Through coordinated supply and knowledge sharing, they have a unique assortment and beautiful new varieties! Year after year. And where else but at flower wholesaler Van der Plas can you buy your best and freshest gerberas? Buy top-quality gerberas from the #1 platform for florists. We are proud to present a selection from the new assortment.

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Mini Pomponi Gonzo

This new mini pomponi gerbera has mini in its name. But big are its achievements. Like pumpkins in autumn. Really big, in other words! Gonzo stands for commitment, but also for being different and a bit cocky. With its bulbous flower and unusual colouring, an apt name. And a valuable member of the gerbera family at Van der Plas.

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Pastini Milazzo

When you hear Pastini Milazzo, do you immediately think of Italian class and design? You should. The Pastini gerberas have beautiful curling petals. Gerberas are the sunshine in any bouquet. The sun is actually a star this newcomer aptly shows us. Radiantly, we therefore welcome the Pastini Milazzo to our unique range for florists.

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Germini Corallo

The last acquisition we put in the spotlight is the germini Corallo. When you think of sun, think of sea and beach. Tropical temperatures and snorkelling to explore the underwater world. The beautiful coral gently swaying to the rhythm of the tide is the inspiration for this cheerful germini. This coral-coloured flower adds the finest nature has to offer to any bouquet. Will you come and try it out soon?

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Flower wholesaler

Flower wholesaler Van der Plas is an exporter of cut flowers, potted plants, dried flowers and decorative materials. Thanks to our contacts with growers all over the world, we have a unique assortment. We work together with growers and buy directly from them. As a result, our flowers are the freshest. Our Flourishing Partners are our top growers and preferred suppliers in their product group. Thanks, in part, to these collaborations, we are Europe's #1 platform for florists.

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