A wedding with gerberas, that's what you want and need. The open look, the joy and the brightness. You will get it all if you go for the gerbera. Combine different earthy colours with fresh and soft tones and experience a real Retro 70's wedding. Find out all about it in this blog.

Van der Plas Wedding Gerbera Retro7.2

Gerbera in Retro 70's theme

Wide floral patterns, ochre, orange and red-brown. Fan of retro? Do you love the 70's? Prefer LPs to Spotify? Great gerberas are a good idea. In various shades of orange and other warm colours. Or combined with the colour gold, the 70's feeling splashes directly from the wedding. Earthy colours in a melange with bright colours give a unique feeling. Try it with bright pink, reddish brown, sunny yellow. The 70s: a time of optimism and idealism. Perfect ingredients for a wedding. Wondering if gerberas are also a sustainable choice: read on.  

Van der Plas Wedding Gerbera Retro18.2

Sustainable wedding with germinis and gerberas

The 70s are about taking care of Mother Earth. Our flourishing partner Summit Gerbera is MPS-A, socially qualified and GAP certified. In other words, sustainably cultivated gerberas and germinis. Moreover, the growers reuse all the water after it has been purified. Toasting with a clear conscience, that's what we call it. Cheers! How choosing a wedding theme makes you a trendsetter. More about that below.

Van der Plas Wedding Gerbera Retro15

Wedding in Vintage Folklore Theme

Van der Plas already knew it: the 70's are coming back. Bloemenbureau Holland sees it too and even makes it one of the trends for 2023. Do you want your customers to be real trendsetters? Then choose the Retro 70's wedding theme. Keep an eye on the Flower Council's trends site. And find out more about this and other trends for 2023.

Summary: Are gerberas suitable as a wedding flower? Are gerberas a sustainable choice? Are gerberas trendy and hip? Yes, yes and yes again! John Travolta sang it back in the 70s: You're the one that I want!

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