Gladioli wedding

You probably know by now: we like to inspire and surprise you. That's why you won't see any dime-store weddings with us. We are looking for the gems of the wedding world. Together with our floral artists and trend watchers, we are always looking for unique wedding themes, with surprising locations and authentic floral art. And we won't let you down. The theme of this blog? Gladioli wedding: Sandy rustic & Natural modern.

Van der Plas Beach Wedding Gladiolus47

A prince on a white horse

Picture this: a bride and a prince. Together on his white horse, galloping off into the sunset. An empty white beach as a backdrop and the rustling surf as a background chorus. The soft warm summer breeze makes goose bumps spread over her body like a tingling blanket. Her arms are wrapped around his muscular waist and her head rests between his strong broad shoulder blades. How does this end? Happy ever after. With a beautiful wedding at a unique location on the Dutch beach of Noordwijk. See how Sandy rustic, Natural modern and a touch of vintage enhance each other. And how the beauty of the gladiolus fits in perfectly.

Van der Plas Beach Wedding Gladiolus24

Sandy rustic & Natural modern

The theme of this gladiolus wedding makes use of the natural environment. Within the wedding theme, you will see the colours white, light blue and beige. The wedding arch looks loose and gives a feeling of freedom. It seems to merge into its natural surroundings. With light white backdrops, a summery and rustic feel is created here. The cherry wood interior and the round shapes of the furniture make the atmosphere relaxed and airy. The white gladioli take the ambience to an absolute climax and are the absolute eye-catchers. Ready for more inspiration? Then read on.

Van der Plas Beach Wedding Gladiolus38

Heroic gladiolus

The gladiolus has a heroic meaning. The name is derived from the Latin word 'Gladius', which stands for sword (which fits the flower's appearance perfectly). The flower therefore stands for strength, victory and pride. The prince who has conquered his bride. Not with brute force. But as befits a modern prince: with respect for her independence, sincere interest and on the basis of equality. A metamorphosis from a literal sword to a figurative sword. A sword of beauty, the gladiolus.

Van der Plas Beach Wedding Gladiolus8

From green sprite to eye-catcher

From green frog to handsome prince. A gladiolus goes through an incredible metamorphosis every time. From inconspicuous green spike to centrepiece in any bouquet. How does the story end? With the ultimate summer wedding! No flower breathes more 'summer' than the gladiolus. Within Sandy rustic & Natural modern this natural beauty fits perfectly! If that is not a match!

Gladioli are available in an infinite number of colours and will always suit your client's styling. The long vase life makes the gladiolus an ideal guest at popular multi-day weddings, wherever they may be. Gladioli grow outside in field, so they’re an ecological choice too. Which wedding design will you use gladioli for?

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