When you look at the orchids of GreenBalanZ, you will realise how beautiful nature can be. The beauty of nature is the reason why GreenBalanZ grows its orchids in the most sustainable manner. Since the beginning, the grower has developed a method that matches the company's name: in balance with nature. This approach enables GreenBalanZ to grow high-quality orchids in a very environment-friendly way.

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The green leader

The ongoing commitment to growing plants in the most sustainable manner has allowed GreenBalanZ to bring fully organic Phalaenopsis orchids onto the market in 2014. The Skal certified grower is still the only one in the Netherlands to supply organically grown houseplants. This probably explains why GreenBalanZ is considered a pioneer in sustainable orchid growing.

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100% green

Nowadays, GreenBalanZ uses almost all the cultivation techniques of the organic nursery on the other growing sites. Approximately 15% of the GreenBalanZ range is grown entirely organically. These orchids can be recognised by the Skal certificate. The remaining 85% is produced in an eco-friendly manner. GreenBalanZ therefore offers a collection of the most beautiful orchids, 100% green!

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The greenhouse without gas

Minimising the environmental footprint of orchids is a key part of GreenBalanZ's green business strategy. Reducing CO2 emissions related to the growing process is an important element of this approach. This is why GreenBalanZ was among the first growers to apply the " greenhouse without gas " principle. The grower uses heat exchangers and heat pumps to store excess heat generated in the summer and use it for growing in the winter. This saves GreenBalanZ about 1,100,000 m³ of gas per year and reduces CO2 emissions by 55%.

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Sustainable packaging

Traditionally, flowers and plants are shipped in plastic packaging. To improve the sustainability of orchid transport, GreenBalanZ now offers more eco-friendly packaging. When ordering orchids, florists can choose a cardboard planter, which is then inserted into a cardboard tray for transport. This preserves the orchids during transport, without using plastic.

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GreenBalanZ grows sustainable orchids in all kinds of colours, shapes and fragrances. Fragrances? Yes, the PerfumeZ line consists of four orchids that not only look good, but also smell really nice. Double pleasure for your senses! You can also treat your customers to orchids from the Pure ShapeZ collection. These orchids have a unique shape. They come in palm, circle and hypnotic spiral shapes, where the flowers seem to twist around each other. There is also the unique CascadeZ, which forms a waterfall, and the heart-shaped orchids. Ideal for Valentine's Day!

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Sustainable beauty

You can order the stunning orchids from GreenBalanZ in the Van der Plas online shop. As a reliable partner for the sustainable world of tomorrow, we always work together with growers who are as eco-friendly as possible. Focusing on sustainability and quality, GreenBalanZ produces orchids that are not only eco-friendly, but also pleasant to look at. Your customers can purchase these beautiful orchids with a clear conscience. As a gift for a good friend, as a special treat for your partner or just to brighten up your interior. Order now the finest orchids from GreenBalanZ and give your shop a boost!

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