With temperatures reaching ever-increasing heights, wedding season is also slowly heading toward its peak. After all, what could be better than declaring eternal love to each other with the radiant sun as your witness? To further enhance the sunny atmosphere, many couples choose a backdrop of colourful carnations.

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True romance with Pretty in Pink

An example of a wedding theme where the carnation really comes into its own is Pretty in Pink. In this way, you upgrade the wedding decor playfully with pompoms of pink carnations. These beautiful creations really give the dressing of the tables that little bit of extra flourish. For a dreamy and fairytale setting, light pink carnations are a must have to create that sweet, romantic atmosphere. But pink has endless shades and accents to set an alternative mood. Ancient pink, for example, creates a vintage or rustic style. Acidic pink elements are additionally perfect as a supporting colour accent to other main colours at your wedding. And it is this combination of different shades of pink that makes all the difference in the Pretty in Pink theme!

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Flower Trade Zwirs

Florists looking for carnations to dress up their clients' bridal party are at the right place at Van der Plas. Through our collaboration with Flower Trade Zwirs, our assortment always includes carnations and spray carnations in various shades of pink, as well as other beautiful colours. Flower Trade Zwirs supplies high-quality flowers from different continents all year round. Consider, for example, the dark red carnations, which are perfect for any wedding celebration because of their symbolic meaning of love and affection. Use the flexible carnation as a carnation crown, in a stunning bridal bouquet or as a corsage. Thus, you will add extra sparkle to any wedding with this classic.

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Carnation as a wedding flower

The carnation is ideally suited as a wedding flower. With its symbolic meaning of love and strength, the striking flower naturally fits seamlessly into a wedding ceremony. Yet this is not the only reason many couples brighten up the wedding venue with carnations. "The carnation also has a number of practical advantages," knows Dirk de Vreugd, buyer at Van der Plas. "For example, carnations have a very beautiful colour scheme and they stay good for a long time due to the constant bloom phase. This allows the wedding couple to continue to enjoy the flowers even after the ceremony. Moreover, carnations are available year-round at the same quality. In addition, carnations have an attractive price and Flower Trade Zwirs has a very wide assortment to choose from."

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Place your order in advance

For florists who already know ahead of time which carnations their customers will use to make a wedding shine, Van der Plas has a convenient solution: the wedding list. By using this order list to place the order directly, you have certainty in advance about the price of your order. This way, you can give your customers a fair and accurate quote for the carnations that give their weddings just the right atmosphere. Do you already know how you will enrich your next customer's wedding ceremony with the beautiful carnation? Then order Flower Trade Zwirs' carnations now via Van der Plas' wedding list!

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