Women's Day

International Women's Day is a day full of flowers like Valentine's Day. Although countries worldwide celebrate this day differently, they also have some things in common. In all nations, an infinite number of flowers are given to women. It is the day when women are massively in the centre of attention.

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Surprise with Flowers

How do you instantly put a smile on a woman's face? That's right, a beautiful bunch of flowers! At Van der Plas, you are at the right place for an extensive and colourful range for International Women's Day for your flower shop. Put the woman in your shop in the spotlight.

This international holiday has its origins in the early 20th century as an initiative of socialist organizations. The reason is the struggle for equal rights, women's suffrage, and female workers' emancipation. After a century, International Women's Day is still gaining popularity every year. Rightly so!

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Odd number of flowers

Did you know that there is no work on International Women's Day in Russia? Here they celebrate a combination of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day on March 8. Not only mothers, wives and girlfriends receive flowers, but also colleagues and business partners. How nice is that! It does matter what kind of bouquet you give in Russia. Always choose an odd number of flowers. According to Russian tradition, four or six flowers bring bad luck and are bought only for the deceased. Let's not do that on this day.

International Women's Day is celebrated mainly in the eastern states of Germany. Here, it is customary to give gifts at home and work. Even colleagues and business associates unrelated to this tradition will be delighted to receive a bouquet. Because as the saying goes: flowers make people happier, and more helpful.

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Daffodils and mimosas

Popular flower varieties given worldwide on International Women's Day are daffodils and the wonderfully scented mimosas. Especially in Italy, these fragrant branches with delicate yellow blossoms are given as gifts on the day when women can be fully in the sun. White snowdrops are also a popular flower to give. Furthermore, colourful bouquets are often given. After all, the woman is also a colourful creature!

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