Jungle Vibes

As a florist you follow the latest trends regarding flowers and plants wherever you go. The latest trend however, has to be the jungle trend. The urban jungle trend. This trend has been building slowly and has taken a gigantic leap skyward. Thanks to Urban Jungle, Green is here to stay.

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Fill your shop with endless greens

As a florist, you want to get behind the Urban Jungle trend now, missing out is bad for business. You’re looking for a supplier of houseplants! Van der Plas Flowers & Plants has the biggest, widest, greenest range of houseplants you can imagine. And the very best part? They come straight from the greenhouses of the best growers. Via our platform ‘Plant World’, you have exclusive access to the greenhouses and nurseries of our wide selection of top quality growers.

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Dark Ages of the Houseplant

Remember the old days? Dusty windowsills filled with depressing houseplants needing affection and care instead of neglect. The Dark-Ages of the houseplant. Thankfully those dark days are over. People are taking care of their plants again and finally appreciate their beauty, even going so far as creating their own Urban Jungle. Every corner of the house is filled with green plants ranging from tall to tiny and prickly to feathery. There is no right or wrong in the Urban Jungle. Luckily for you, our webshop is filled with green houseplants.

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What’s the latest urban jungle trend?

As we mentioned before, you can’t go wrong with the Urban Jungle trend. However, there are certain houseplants that are quite popular among Urban Jungle bloggers. If you search Google for  Urban Jungle, the Monstera tops every list. You’ll also find Euphorbia, Ficus, Alocasia, Succulents, Pilea and so much more in this endless list of houseplants.

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Urban Jungle decorations and more

You’re not only going to need plants for this trend, but you need decorations as well. The urban jungle trend goes well with black ceramics, terra cotta pots or fiber pots. There is no wrong when it comes to this trend. Add a little gold in between and you’ll sell out in no time!

Looking for a plant wholesaler that has all these plants and decorations? Look no further and get your houseplants in the Van der Plas webshop.

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