The longest day of the year is some time behind us already and summer is slowly creeping toward the finish line. But not to worry, because autumn too offers many beautiful colour combinations for the true flower lover. You can create the most beautiful floral creations for weddings in autumn just as easily as in summer. How about, for example, a colourful composition of warm colours with the versatile lily in the leading role?

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Flexible flora

The lily is an enchanting flower that stands out not only for its beautiful colours, but also for its diversity. Because the lily is part of a colourful family of various species and colours, there is a variety for every wedding that fits the particular theme. This makes the lily a suitable candidate for floral creations at both summer and fall weddings. In this regard, the choice of different colours and varieties sets the tone. The familiar white and yellow lilies create a luxurious atmosphere, the soft shades such as light blue and light pink lead to a romantic setting, and the warmer shades are the prelude to a cozy ambiance.

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Warm colours

When thinking of the lily, many people quickly think of a summer flower in white, yellow or pink. However, lilies in red, orange and brown are also more than worth the effort. Together, these alternative colours make a wonderful combination for couples who want to evoke a warm, cosy and secure atmosphere during their special day. The orange, red and brown lilies create an enchanting visual experience, bringing the magical elements of autumn to the wedding venue. The unusual colour gradient on the leaves combined with the stylish shape creates a true spectacle.

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Autumn magic

Although summer is still the preferred time to say yes to each other, more and more people are discovering the benefits of an autumn wedding. The red, orange and brown autumn leaves naturally create a cosy and intimate setting during this period. The combination of the beautifully coloured sky as the sun sets and a mix of deep red, orange, yellow flowers with purple and gold details completes the ambience. An autumn wedding is definitely worth considering!

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Order in advance

Are your clients all excited about the idea of an autumn wedding? Then you don't have to wait to pick and order matching wedding flowers. Thanks to the wedding list, you can place your order immediately in advance. As a florist, this gives you certainty about the price of the items and you can be sure that the flowers of your choice are in stock. As a result, nothing will stand in your way of creating the most beautiful floral creations for that cosy autumn wedding in time. So don't wait any longer and order the versatile and beautiful lily to transform your customers' weddings into an explosion of warm colours.

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