Lisianthus wedding

Do you dream away after seeing this fairytale floral art? The lisianthus and the carnation combine perfectly. Doesn't that give you blushes on your cheeks? If your client is the romantic type, go for the blushing bride wedding theme. By the way, dried flowers also go beautifully with this theme. Be amazed by the photos below.


Romantic wedding

Why use the lisianthus as a wedding flower? These dazzlingly fragrant flowers are available in different soft pastel shades. Think of the Alissa First Love, Rosita White and Alissa Yellow for example. You can easily use these colours together. Romance in optima forma. White, but even a shade of grey, can be combined perfectly with this theme. Look at the photos and marvel at a composition that radiates romance, youth, happiness and beauty!


Lisianthus or eustoma

Lisianthus and eustoma are two different names for the same flower. In our shop you will find them under the name 'eustoma'. The flower stands for appreciation and gratitude. The bride and groom let each other know: I see you. I know what you do for me and I appreciate you. A beautiful message, especially during a wedding. Eustomas and dried flowers also go lovely together. Light the candles, cradle your hips loosely, the bridal dress sway to the rhythm of slow jazz and swoon away romantically with blushes on your cheeks.


Lisianthus of wedding quality

Lugt Lisanthus stands for the best that ornamental plant cultivation has to offer. The most beautiful flowers, the sturdiest stems and the largest number of buds per stem. In addition, they stand for innovation, sustainability, service and reliability. Corporate social responsibility and realising a truly circular way of working are paramount. Lugt Lisianthus likes to think along and finds a suitable solution for every (wedding) challenge. That is why they are our partner when it comes to wedding flowers.


Wedding flowers

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