for the red rose. At Van der Plas, we always look forward to the period surrounding Valentine's Day. It is during this period that we receive the most beautiful red roses to send to florists at home and abroad. The beautiful red rose has a special place in our hearts because of its appearance and symbolic value. The period before Valentine's Day is therefore extra special because that is when we get to lovingly care for and pack a large number of red roses before they begin their journey to the florist.

Meaning of the red rose


Arie Messemaker is one of the employees at Van der Plas who can speak with me about the love of the red Rose. As a rose buyer, Arie is involved with roses every day. "That specific red color and the appearance of the head makes the red rose evoke certain emotions. That also makes the rose so suitable for Valentine's Day. A good flower store should also have red roses. Obviously during Valentine's Day, when the red rose provides a peak moment in sales, but also before and after Valentine's Day, you really can't do without red roses as a florist. After all, the demand for this flower is almost always there."

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High quality

When purchasing the finest red roses, Arie has a lot of contact with Porta Nova, a Flourishing Partner of Van der Plas. "I currently work for over 16 years at Van der Plas as a rose buyer and the cooperation with Porta Nova was there from the first day I worked here. It is also more than a cooperation; it is a partnership. We grant each other things and complement each other with our strengths. From Van der Plas we provide some service and in return, we have security in the purchase of the Red Naomi. This red rose is of very good quality, so we can provide florists throughout Europe with the best roses."

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Wow effect

Someone who shares the passion for red roses is Tom van der Haak, manager of processing and logistics at Porta Nova. "In the two years I've been working at Porta Nova, I've developed a passion for the red rose. It is, of course, a flower that makes a lot of people happy. On top of that, we work with a top-quality rose. When the Red Naomi is open, the bright red color gives a 'wow effect'. Moreover, the red rose is a flower that is tied to emotions: you often see them at festive moments or, on the contrary, at farewell ceremonies."



Precisely because of the Red Naomi's emotional charge, Tom says the red rose is a year-round addition to any flower store. "The red rose is the flower of love and love is there all year round, not just during Valentine's Day." The partnership between Porta Nova and Van der Plas Red ensures that the Red Naomi is also delivered year-round to florists at home and abroad. "Porta Nova and Van der Plas fit well together," Tom believes. "We grow high-quality roses for the florist and Van der Plas sells high-quality flowers to florists throughout Europe. Moreover, the character of the people at Van der Plas also fits well with our character."

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The red rose is a popular flower all year round, but it is especially known as a symbol of love. For this reason, the red rose is especially popular during Valentine's Day. When your clients are looking for the most beautiful roses to declare their love, Porta Nova's red roses are an excellent choice. Porta Nova roses are known for their quality and longevity; two aspects that your clients are undoubtedly also looking for in their (potential) relationships! Order Porta Nova's beautiful roses at Van der Plas and bring love to bloom for your clients!

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