in hydrangea cultivation. The hydrangea symbolizes beauty, gratitude and genuine feelings. The latter in particular applies strongly to The Mastergrowers. The sincere feelings of love for the craft, guts to keep trying and the will to keep learning. With these core values, The Mastergrowers grows exceptional hydrangeas that stand out for their outward characteristics and their enduring nature.

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Wide range

Anyone looking at The Mastergrowers' assortment in the Van der Plas webshop will quickly notice how many different colors and varieties of hydrangeas the grower grows. This is a conscious choice, explains Frank van der Meer, sales and marketing manager at The Mastergrowers. "We want to be the main supplier of indoor hydrangeas for the specialist trade, wholesalers and garden centers. An important part of this endeavor is to offer a very wide assortment. In addition to the 'standard colors,' we therefore also offer specialties; special varieties that stand out because they are bicolored or have a different flower shape."

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Magical species

Frank continues: "A great example of the specialties, which we offer under the heading Masterpieces, is the Magical. This variety gets its name from the fact that the flowers change color during the flowering period: from pink or blue to green and ending in dark red. The great thing is that the Magical has a flowering period of 150 days. This allows customers to enjoy the coloring flowers for an extra long time."

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Hi Diamond

Another special variety offered by The Mastergrowers is the Hi Diamond. "The first part of the name stands for Hydrangea Innovation, Hi for short," says Frank. "Any variety with this abbreviation in its name lasts a long time and has an ample flowering period. This is ideal for both florists and customers. Another great advantage of the Hi varieties is that they can continue to grow and bloom unstunted for their entire lifespan. The Hi Diamond is characterized by its white and pink flowers, which gradually fade to subtle pink and later to a light green color."

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Sustainable choices

Because of the many varieties in The Mastergrowers' assortment, you'll find hydrangeas with pot sizes ranging from pot size 9 to pot size 27. Each pot size can be ordered with the option to choose sustainable packaging. Frank says, "To reduce the ecological footprint, we offer the option to order all hydrangeas in a sustainable box that protects the plant. This eliminates plastic, which is better for the environment."

"Furthermore, we also steer for sustainability when breeding our varieties. For example, because our varieties grow without canes, we use fewer materials during cultivation. We also choose resilient plants during the breeding process that are not susceptible to diseases and pests. As a result, we use far fewer pesticides during cultivation."

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Long-term enjoyment

With The Mastergrowers' high-quality hydrangeas, you offer your customers masterfully beautiful flowers that they can enjoy for a long time. Because The Mastergrowers' hydrangeas stay good for a long time, they also stay beautiful in your store for a long time. Discover for yourself the most beautiful, resilient hydrangeas from The Mastergrowers in Van der Plas' webshop and share your genuine love of flowers with your customers through the colorful hydrangea!

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