Nude Colours

Nude Colour Wedding. One of the most popular trends among couples. In this blog, we will discuss – of course – appropriate flora for this wedding theme. Which flowers are suitable for the Nude Colour theme? In addition, we treat you to beautiful pictures. So you can make your customers happy.

Nude Colour Wedding Flowers

Why is the theme so popular?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, because this theme goes very well with other colours. This way, the clothes and colours of the locations always match the colour theme. And so you have less chance of botched pictures or mismatched compositions.
The second reason that explains the popularity of the Nude Colour theme: the bride is the centre of attention! By adding soft Nude Colours to the surroundings, the bride really stands out. Which bride doesn’t want that?

Nude Colour Wedding Flowers

Nude Colour Gladioli

Within the Nude Colour wedding theme, the gladiolus is not to be forgotten. Thanks to their unique long shape, they add an extra dimension to the floral frame. Just admire the picture on the right. Moreover, gladioli are also available in soft shades such as white, soft pink and even brown. Not only do gladioli look beautiful at a wedding. You can also really count on gladioli not to let your customers down. They can also take a beating. After all, gladioli grow and flower outdoors in the Netherlands. And we know: in The Netherlands you can have four seasons in one day. Nude color wedding flowers? Gladioli!

Nude Colour Wedding Flowers

Nude Colour Astilbes

Astilbes are beautiful at a wedding. The colours white and soft pink are clearly visible here as well. Many flowers have a round shape, but the astilbe, with its bouncy, star-shaped flower, provides variety and cheerfulness. Astilbes with their soft tones are very appropriate for a Nude Colour wedding. Van Aert is is our regular supplier of astilbes. And therefore one of our wedding flowers partners.

Nude Colour Wedding Flowers

Nude Colour Dahlia

For this Nude Colour wedding we used beautiful astilbes, gladioli and dahlias. The dahlia we used is called Cafe au lait. The flowers of this dahlia are gigantic. Not only in terms of size, but also in appearance. The flower is white and the leaves are long and slender. Its centr becomes increasingly pink towards the middle. The subtle transition fits in perfectly with the theme. Gebr. van Egmond is the right choice for all types, shapes and colours of dahlias. That is why they are our wedding flowers partner for dahlias. Curious about rest of the bright frames of this theme? You can read it below.

Nude Colour Wedding Flowers

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