At a time when digitalisation plays a major role and trends succeed each other at a rapid pace, it is difficult to always stay relevant. One flower variety that does not seem to suffer from this is the gerbera of Summit Gerbera. Growers’ association Summit Gerbera continues to invest in renewing and adapting its assortment, ensuring the flowers are seamlessly in line with the latest trends in terms of colours, customer preferences and the current season.

Summit Gerbera

A cheerful note prevails

This year, the Summit Gerbera range in Van der Plas’ webshop includes several new varieties. Given the upcoming autumn, among these new breeds, the gerberas with an orange hue stand out in particular. The gerbera stands for cheerfulness and exactly this characteristic is emphasised in the orange-coloured varieties of the flower. The multi-layered, orange-red Pirlo, for instance, is reminiscent of the summer sun colouring the horizon in the evening in its characteristic evening red. This makes the Pirlo the ideal choice to celebrate summer. The bright orange Tangerine, with its cheerful and bright hue, seems to have come straight from Valencia, the city of oranges. It lends itself well to combining in a bouquet with bright yellow or dark purple flowers for a cacophony of colours.

Summit Gerbera

Capture your customers in a web of orange or red

Within the spider category, Summit Gerbera has added gerberas in various cheerful summer colours to its range. Leroy, with its light orange hue with a hint of yellow, is a fine flower for lovers of gerberas with a more subtle orange colour. Those who are more into red will enjoy the deep red Katie. The contrast with the black centre enhances the passion of the red colour. This also makes this spider perfect for use in a bridal bouquet.

Summit Gerbera

Annual refresh

As a Flourishing Partner of Van der Plas, Summit Gerbera puts a lot of time and attention into a diverse assortment. An integral part of this is the annual renewal of part of the range. For example, every year in November and December, Summit Gerbera’s gerbera growers already select new varieties to be introduced in the greenhouses the following year. By mid-June, these additions to the range make their debut in the greenhouse, after which they are available to florists who are eager to surprise their customers by the end of August.

Summit Gerbera

One-of-a-kind gerberas

The growers of growers’ association Summit Gerbera focus on high-quality flowers and a unique range of varieties. To achieve these goals, the growers regularly share knowledge and tips on cultivation and growing techniques.
The focus on quality does not come at the expense of the environment. To make each crop as sustainable as possible, growers who are members of the growers’ association are always looking at how they can protect the flowers from insects in an environmentally friendly way. Several Summit Gerbera growers, for instance, hang special insect nets in front of the vents in the greenhouse to keep harmful critters out during airing. As a result, fewer pesticides are needed to achieve the kind of quality you can expect from the flowers and plants in the Van der Plas websho

Summit Gerbera

Timeless range

Do you want your flower shop to always have flowers in line with the latest trends? Then Summit Gerbera’s gerberas are just the thing for you. Thanks to the constant innovation of its range, Summit Gerbera’s flowers are always up to date. Keep up with the ever-relevant gerberas from Summit Gerbera. Order this cheerful flower now in Van der Plas’ webshop and discover the many variations offered by Summit Gerbera!

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