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At a wedding, the flowers, the other décor of the venue and the music all have one thing in common: they contribute to the experience at the moment suprême. To make that ultimate experience a possibility, Parfum Flower Company offers roses that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also have a wonderful fragrance. After all, Van der Plas' Flourishing Partner knows that every special memory starts with a positive stimulation of the senses.


Overwhelming of senses

Perfume Flower Company's special roses are aimed at creating a special experience through appealing the senses. "Our aim is to overwhelm the senses in a positive way," said Parfum Flower Company marketing manager Brent Kaandorp. "We deliver flowers with scents and colours that really touch people. A key goal here is to make these special flowers available to every florist. In close cooperation with Van der Plas, we ensure an optimal supply of the most beautiful and best-smelling flowers. This way, we help to show their customers how special flowers can be."

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Journey of experiences

The special scents of the roses offered by Perfume Flower Company make them the perfect choice for weddings. This is because the human brain works in such a way that special memories are linked to a sensory experience. Years later, the feeling of this moment can still resonate strongly when you relive this sensory experience. Think, for instance, of the feeling evoked by the song where you and your partner first danced with each other. Or the melancholic feeling of the past when you smell a dish your mother used to make often. In a similar way, Perfume Flower Company's scented roses take you on a journey of experiences during the wedding.

White Cloud

White wedding

In the Van der Plas webshop, you will find a wide range of flowers from Perfume Flower Company that are ideally suited for weddings. A great example of the roses that contribute to an unforgettable memory in the above way is the David Austin Patience. This fragrant rose attracts attention on several fronts. The rose, for instance, stands out for its classic white exterior with the cream-coloured, soft yellow interior, but also for its intense and bright fragrance that combines the classic rose scent with a hint of lemon. The White Cloud also lends itself perfectly to wedding ceremonies. Like the bridal couple, the white rose has a big, rich heart. The many layers of petals give the flower a powerful and bright appearance.


Alabaster and Purity

Another two roses in the Van der Plas online shop that add an extra dimension to weddings are Alabaster and David Austin Purity. Alabaster is a very pure, white rose that attracts attention with its full, layered appearance. As a result, the flower helps create a dreamy, romantic mood. The David Austin Purity stands out because of its modest outer white petals and light sweet fragrance combined with its full heart featuring a light salmon-pink hue. This allows the rose to emphasise the splendour of burgeoning love.


Making a choice

With more than 300 different varieties of roses in the range, it is easy to get overwhelmed when making a choice between them at Perfume Flower Company. To help florists and wedding planners, Van der Plas Flourishing Partner has developed its own app: Flowering Special Moments. This app makes the full range of Van der Plas Flourishing Partner's offerings easy to access. As a result, it is a convenient tool for picking flowers that match the customer's wishes. In the app, florists can see the characteristics of each flower, its vase life and what the flower can be used for.


Ordering in advance

In Van der Plas' Wedding magazine, you will find the most beautiful roses by Perfume Flower Company and other flowers that are very suitable for weddings. You will find beautiful examples of applications of flowers at a wedding here as well. Did you find something beautiful for your customers? Thanks to the close cooperation with Parfum Flower Company, Van der Plas always has sufficient stock in its web shop. Thanks to the special order catalogue for weddings, it is also possible to order the special roses by Parfum Flower Company for a big wedding in the month of August right now. This way, you have certainty about the availability and price of the order for your customers.


The extraordinary accessible

Would you like to surprise your customer with roses that stimulate more than one sense? Then marketing manager Brent has another tip: "Use the option to pre-order via Van der Plas' wedding pre-order list, so you can be sure there is still enough supply. Our flowers are often in high demand, so it's wise to place your order somewhat early." Not surprisingly, of course, because with the beautiful and wonderfully fragrant roses from Perfume Flower Company, you create an unforgettable setting for every customer's special moments. So order now in Van der Plas' webshop and make the exclusive accessible for your customers with Parfum Flower Company's flowers.

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