Peach Fuzz

the wedding trend 2024. Each year is dedicated to a different trend color. This color symbolizes values that are strongly alive in society at that time. The 2024 trend color is Peach Fuzz, which stands for coziness, optimism and tranquility. Because of this, Peach Fuzz shades fit perfectly with the current wedding season.

The Avalanche+ Peach up close


Wedding season is in full swing. Therefore, there is no better time to give your floral creations even more life with soft peach colors. For example, with the Avalanche+ Peach, a flower that blends seamlessly with the Peach Fuzz trend. This rose from our Flourishing Partner Berg Roses has an unmatched beauty that stands out even more in the light. As soon as the light falls on the Avalanche+ Peach, a beautiful shine can be seen on the petals. This makes the peach-colored rose a real eye-catcher in both mono-bouquets and mixed bouquets.

Different roses from Berg Roses

Extensive assortment

Of course, it is possible that the bride and groom-to-be love roses, but are a little less fond of soft peach colors. Fortunately, the roses from Berg Roses that you order from the Van der Plas webshop are as diverse as love. Therefore, you can also make your customers happy with the classic white Avalanche+, the light pink Sophia Loren or the striking Harlequin. The Harlequin alternates dark red, bright pink and white in its splashy color pattern. With Berg Roses' assortment, you always have plenty of freedom to choose roses that perfectly suit the bride and groom.

Some of the assortment of Berg Roses

Order in advance

Berg Roses' roses are like love: beautiful, colorful and unique. Whether you choose the soft peach color of the Avalanche+ Peach or one of the other varieties, each rose is a flavor of unparalleled class.

Although love does not care about schedules, a wedding does require tight organization. Therefore, it is important to have timely assurance of the availability of flowers for your wedding creations. With the wedding order list from wedding supplier Van der Plas, you can be sure that your wedding flowers will arrive at the desired time; fresh and of the highest quality. The roses of Berg Roses and the wedding order list of Van der Plas form the golden combination. A combination allowing you to deliver the most beautiful floral creations for the most beautiful day of your customers' lives.

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