Peonies are perfect as wedding flowers. Are you looking for colour, warmth, security and love? And all that in one flower? Search no further. Peonies are the ideal choice. You can opt for double peonies such as Madame Claude Tain, Mother’s Choice or Bridal Shower. But also a few peonies shine for the guests of the wedding. Think Coral Sunset or Flame. They bring atmosphere, joy and a loving ambience to every wedding. Check it out for yourself. Cheers!

Peonies as wedding flower

White peonies as wedding flowers

Madame Claud Tain is the whitest peony, perfect as a wedding flower. The beautiful, pure white flowers are indispensable in bridal bouquets. The more light Madame gets, the more giant her stately orbs. You can’t help but say ‘yes’ to these full, double, richly filled peonies. Mother’s choice is one of the most popular peonies in the world. The beautifully shaped flowers are ivory coloured and wonderful and elegant. It doesn’t get more romantic. Or is it? What about the fresh and floral Bridal Shower? With her yellowish core, she has a young and youthful character. Beautiful in any bridal bouquet. You see, plenty of options. And there is more. Allow the single peonies to enchant you. You will find them below.

Peonies as wedding flower

Single peonies as wedding flowers

Are you looking for wedding flowers that will set you on fire? Peony Flame gives you instant blushes on your cheeks. Bright pink petals, accompanied by bright yellow stamens, make sparks fly at any wedding. Another welcome guest at any wedding: Peony Coral Sunset. Fragrant and enchanting. This lady will bring the bridal couple and the guests into summer ecstasy. Until the sun goes down and then…
When will those beautiful peonies be available? You will discover it below.

Peonies as wedding flower

When will peonies for weddings be available?

From week 15, more and more varieties are available such as Duchesse de Nemours, Command Performance and Odile. The most notable and unique combinations of peonies. The first peonies come from tunnels or the greenhouse. Solar panels provide the energy with which the beauties grow and bloom. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, peonies are also very durable. Van der Plas works closely with Greenflor. They are our Flourishing Partner in the field of peonies. Greenflor is rightfully a peony champion!

Peonies as wedding flower

The Secret to a Carefree Wedding Floral Experience

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