at its best with ranunculus. The days are getting longer and Valentine's Day is now a little while behind us. That means that the gaze is moving forward again towards Easter. Because to get the decoration and assortment of your flower store at its Easter best, you have to start preparing in time. Whoever thinks of Easter quickly thinks of Easter eggs and Easter branches, but also the graceful and charming ranunculus should not be missing from your Easter assortment.

Van der Plas - Ranunculus

Global Passion

In Van der Plas' webshop, you will find Greenflor's elegant ranunculus flowers, whose layered petals symbolize new life during spring. These beautiful ranunculus come from (and from) Italian, French, and, more recently, Turkish soil. This is not surprising, because to find the most beautiful and unusual flowers and plants, the flower wholesaler does not limit itself to the Dutch borders. As true globetrotters, Greenflor's enthusiastic team scours the globe for the most enchanting flowers and gems of plants. Through close cooperation with passionate growers from different continents, you will find the most special cut flowers of Greenflor in the Van der Plas webshop every season.

Van der Plas - Ranunculus

Process Supervisor

Greenflor's sourcing expert Bert van der Kroft is closely involved in the collaboration with the Turkish growers who provide the beautiful ranunculus that adorn Van der Plas' webshop. Bert makes the initial contacts for new collaborations and ensures that all processes run smoothly. For example, he guides the grower in the initial period of the cooperation, takes care of transport, and thinks along with him about the steps needed to obtain the necessary certificates. " Last year, I went to Turkey on a whim with a colleague in search of ranunculus growers. During this trip, we came into contact with two families, from which cooperation eventually arose."

Van der Plas - Ranunculus

Win-win situation

"For the first rounds of cultivation, we bought the bulbs and brought them to Turkey," Bert continues his story. "In the process, the nurseries we now work with took care of the cultivation at three different locations. We guided to ensure a professional cultivation process. Because we can adjust the quantity, the growing process, and the varieties, we have certainty about the quality and quantity of Ranunculus we can offer. We can now clearly see this in the first Ranunculus harvest from Turkey. Because of the good bulbs, the favorable climate, and with our guidance, the growers have grown high-quality flowers. Thus, together we are creating a win-win situation."

Van der Plas - Ranunculus


Bert comes into frequent contact with various flowers through his work, including Ranunculus from Turkey. Asked about his favorite ranunculus, he doesn't have to think long: "I personally like the Cappuccino very much. This is a double-colored flower, with a heavy head and stem. The different colors complement each other perfectly, so you keep looking at it."

"The Chamallow is another ranunculus that does well with many people," Bert continues. "The beautiful, soft white-pink color combined with the strong green stems makes for a special flower that does well in bridal bouquets. The same goes for the Elegance White, which is always delivered in perfect length. With its bright white and full flower head, the Elegance White is truly a flower in its own right."

Van der Plas - Ranunculus

Colorful collection

Ranunculus are known for the wide range of colors in which they are available. To match the Easter theme, you will find yellow, green, and purple Ranunculus in the Van der Plas webshop. But even if you are looking for white, red, or pink Ranunculus, you have come to the right place. Don't want to give your customers stressful choices? Then go for mixed bunches from the Elegance or Cloni line. This way your customers can enjoy Ranunculus in all the colors available.

Choose the alluring and fresh look of ranunculus to complete your assortment for Easter. Order your ranunculus now through the open Easter order list and go for an Easter best range of flowers during this Easter season!

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