Red roses

Si, sì, sì! You cannot resist the red rose wedding—the romance, sultry, fiery. If you go for passion, you go for the Red Naomi from the Porta Nova nursery. This flower creates Italian perfection and luxury at any wedding. Is there anything sweeter than her scent? And yet, it's about the bride. All eyes are on her. The bride is the absolute centrepiece of any wedding. And rightly so. Van der Plas does everything to make her shine, accompanied by only the most beautiful and the very best wedding flowers.

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Itialian Brilliance

Pascal of House of Artz says: "The red roses of Porta Nova express strength, romance and state. 3 things you see in this styling. The red colour of the rose is, of course, always a hard statement to show how you feel and how much emotion you show."

This theme has been christened Italian Brilliance. The refined Italian can be found in everything. Is your client fiery, energetic, temperamental, but vulnerable simultaneously? Italian Brilliance is made for them. You will discover all about it in this blog.

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Red roses wedding

A rose is worth a thousand words. I give you all my love groans the red rose. The Red Naomi is the perfect red rose. A first-class rose from the top shelf. In love, beauty, attraction, and vulnerability come together. Advise your customer of gold or bronze-coloured cutlery and complete it with a candlestick full of red roses. Do you also notice that the combination feels mysterious, chic and romantic? Amore at its best. Viva l'amore! Why roses as a wedding flower? Check it out below.

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Roses as wedding flowers

The most beautiful red rose bush is not the bush with the fewest thorns but the bush that bears the most beautiful flowers. A perfect description of the Red Naomi! And isn't it the same with brides? Everything comes together in love—beauty, passion, but also vulnerability. On the right, you can see how we combine proud red roses with the vulnerable white anemone. And so we illustrate with flowers the beauty, strength, and weak aspects of love.

Our language, culture, history and emotional associations are rich in references to roses. Jacare in rosa, for example, slept as on roses. Sybarites slept on rose petals. The newlyweds sleep soundly after a wedding with roses. They wake up rested and rested. Ready for a life together. Ready for a path that isn't always a bed of roses. But they have each other. Red roses as wedding flowers? With the Red Naomi from Porta Nova, it is always a hit.

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Roses in love, roses in partnership

A wedding. A new start, a new journey, a new way of life. A passageway, a gateway to unknown territory. A Porta Nova. Life is better, sunnier, warmer—mountains to climb become hills with magnificent views. Arid plains become fertile lands. Love: Shares adversity and multiplies pleasure. The same goes for business partnerships. Standing together is more vital, helping each other where possible. Van der Plas chooses Porta Nova as Flourishing Partner. Flourishing together, that that's what it it's all about like in a marriage.

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