Are you looking for something different? An alternative style? Then think about the Bohemian burnt orange theme! Use roses as your wedding flowers. One quickly imagines the elegance, romance and luxury of the rose. But the queen of flowers is versatile. The proof of this is in this blog. You can only get married once. You need security, quality and pure beauty. At BergRoseS we offer the best of the best. Under the LED lights, they reach for the stars. Just as the love of the bride and groom for each other grows. In this blog you will also discover a fresh and surprising combination of roses and dried flowers. First of all: the Bohemian burnt orange theme. Is your client looking for a cosy and cheerful theme? Then read on.


Alternative style; roses as wedding flowers

Use roses as wedding flowers. Do romantic reds come to mind? Or are you planning a wedding with pure, innocent white roses? Bohemian burnt orange is the alternative for a pink wedding. This theme is perfect for the approachable and independent bride and groom. Enthusiasm, happiness and fun. It splashes! Both on the party and on the atmosphere. Bohemian style means carefree and independent living. If you say "yes", then you are saying "yes" to personal willpower and flower power! Read on to find out which roses are suitable.


Quels types de roses comme fleurs de mariage ?

Suppose you choose the Bohemian burnt orange theme. Avalanche Peach+ and a Clarence+ are the most suitable roses. Orange brings optimism, festivity and cheerfulness. Combine the energy of orange with the romance and tenderness of pink roses. Then you have the Bohemian burnt orange theme in all its glory. With Avalanche Pink+ and Sophia Loren, you're sure to be on the right track. Let's get the party started, the dance floor is open! Now let's move on to another wedding. Roses and dried flowers together in your wedding.


Fresh roses and dried flowers : a happy marriage

The current trend is to combine dried flowers with fresh roses. This creates a beautifully playful arrangement. It is not only the youthful character that attracts attention, but also the natural look. Neutrals are very popular for the altar at the moment. These include peach and light pink roses, especially in combination with eucalyptus and pampas grass. A wonderful atmosphere to promise eternal fidelity. Yes, I do!

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