World tour

Van der Plas has a European customer base. And a global network of suppliers of cut flowers, greenery and plants. A unique assortment on our platform for European florists is the result. We also like to bring cultures and wisdoms together. We searched for sayings and expressions with flora. Our voyage of discovery led to three continents. Pack your suitcase and join the journey!

VDP - floral sayings (2)

Europe - covering with flowers

To tell something through flowers in Germany is to make something prettier than it is. You then indirectly address what you want to say. But you embellish your statement and thus distract attention.

Van der Plas covers its customers with flowers when we see your beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements. To cover with flowers is to compliment in France.

A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers. This is a quote by a German poet. Can you relate to it?

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South America - forest and trees

The trees don't show the forest. When someone in Ecuador says that the trees don't show the forest, he means that he has lost the overview. Because he is too close to them. Zooming in too much on the details leads to not seeing the whole.

We travel on to Ecuador's neighbour, bustling Colombia. Carnations like to grow here. When a Colombian says: where there is no flower, everything is an annoyance. Then he means: poverty leads to discontent. Time to set sail for Africa. Hoist the sails and join us.

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African elephants

In Africa, the cultivation of flowers mainly takes place on or around the equator. Roses also form a large part of flower cultivation here. Back to expressions. How about this one? An elephant does not limp when it walks on thorns. An Ethiopian then says: don't worry about futilities, focus on important things.

A Kenyan expression reads: family names are like flowers, they bloom in bunches. The message here: your lineage helps. It is not decisive, but a good foundation (family) helps. A nice transition to the information on (spray) roses from the equator.


Import roses from Ecuador

Ordering roses from the equator is a little different. The flowers take a different journey than Dutch roses. There are two possibilities: standing orders or ordering further in advance via the webshop. With a standing order, you agree on a standard amount per period. For example, a box every week. In the webshop, you choose a departure date at least a week in advance if you want to order fresh roses from Ecuador. Your contact at Van der Plas will also be happy to help you with any questions.

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