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Flowers are blooming everywhere, young animals carefully take their first steps and the warm sun is showing itself more and more often; it is spring again! If you want to get completely into the spring mood, Van der Plas is the right place. The beautiful gerberas from our Flourishing Partner Summit Gerbera are a perfect match for the cheerful ambiance of spring.


Pastels for Easter

The cheerful gerberas are a bright addition to any household throughout spring, but take on an extra symbolic charge at Easter. For instance, the subtle pastel-coloured gerberas bring out the typically lovely character of spring. Besides pastel colours, yellow is another colour that should not be missing from the florist's assortment during the Easter period. The light and dark yellow gerberas symbolise the celebration of new life. In addition, yellow is often associated with spring and associated themes such as the sun, energy and new beginnings. The yellow gerberas therefore not only put customers in the spring mood, but also give an immediate positive feeling to the buyer.


Fruitful cooperation

Choosing the most beautiful gerberas for your ideal spring bouquets will keep you in the positive vibes of spring. Growers' association Summit Gerbera offers a very wide range of around 230 gerberas in all varieties and colours. Because of the association of several growers, you will not only find large-flowered and mini gerberas in Summit Gerbera's range. You can also find special varieties, such as spherical gerberas and the beautiful flowers of the Pastini and Spiders specials. Because the growers of Summit Gerbera share all their knowledge with each other, the gerberas are grown as sustainably as possible and the flowers are always of excellent quality.


Enjoying gerberas

The versatile gerbera turns any bouquet into a warm and cheerful booster of spring feelings. So with these sun-shaped flowers, you can easily transform your shop into a radiant environment full of energy and positivity. Bring spring to your customers with the cheerful gerbera!

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