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Roses are timeless flowers that convey the message of love everywhere. To give this message extra power, Van der Plas chooses Porta Nova roses. The high quality of our Red Naomi and White Naomi roses from Flourishing Partner allows you to offer your customers roses with a long vase life. In addition, our roses also reflect a love of the environment, as the cut flowers are grown using highly sustainable methods. Share the love with your customers with roses from Porta Nova!

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High quality

For love for someone or something to really blossom, it needs attention and energy. This is also reflected in the roses from Porta Nova. In addition to the characteristic bright red and ivory-white colours, our roses are also distinguished by their exceptional vase life. This allows you to offer your customers beautiful flowers that retain their elegance for a long time. The Red Naomi has a quality guarantee of at least 14 days vase life. The White Naomi has a vase life of at least 10 days.

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The love of sustainable development

Porta Nova combines its aspiration to grow the perfect rose with a green vision of the world. The producer therefore strives to minimise the ecological footprint of its roses. This aspiration is clearly visible in the cultivation process. For example, Porta Nova produces no gas, uses only green energy and recycles rainwater for use. The heat stored in the summer provides the ideal room temperature for the roses in winter. The CO2 required for the cultivation process is captured by Porta Nova in its own energy installations and in a power station in Rotterdam. As a result, the grower is also actively working to reduce CO2 emissions. With these sustainable measures, Porta Nova fits in perfectly with Van der Plas. After all, as a stable partner for the world of tomorrow, Van der Plas focuses on supplying sustainable cut flowers and decorative plants.

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Sustainable lighting

In August 2022, Porta Nova reached a new milestone in the sustainability and quality of its cut flowers. After years of research into the ideal light composition for growing roses, the grower replaced the grow lights with more energy-efficient LED lights. This saves about 40% on lighting. In addition, the production and quality of the roses should be even more stable. Combined with the gas-free cultivation, this enables Porta Nova to grow high-quality roses, even in times of high energy prices, without incurring additional costs.

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Roses for every occasion

Porta Nova's timeless roses blend in perfectly with the other cut flowers and decorative greenery in your Christmas range. The red and white colours of the red Naomi and the white Naomi reinforce the Christmas feeling. Moreover, love is present in every season. So order Porta Nova's high-quality roses and help your customers express their love during the holidays!

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