Ecuador Roses

Anyone thinking about roses often thinks of the classic red roses that symbolise love. Besides red roses, the white and yellow varieties are particularly well-known in the Netherlands. Throughout the country, florists offer these three colours. The rose, however, is available in many more colour varieties. The most colourful and eye-catching varieties largely come from a South American country: Ecuador. But what makes roses from this country look so good?

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Perfect climate

" The growing conditions in Ecuador are basically perfect," says Jan Verwer, manager of South America at Greenflor. "Ecuador in fact has a very constant climate, with temperatures almost always between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius. Moreover, most nurseries are located in the fertile Andes Mountains, near the equator. The combination of the high altitude and the position relative to the equator, results in a situation where the distance from the nursery to the sun is relatively 'short'. The light intensity is therefore higher, giving the roses their intense colours."

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Gradual Growth

In the evening hours, when the South American sun has dropped below the hills, temperatures drop. Since the number of hours of sunshine is relatively short and the temperature drops quickly when the sun is down, the roses grow a little slower. This slow, gradual growth causes the flowers to grow long, sturdy stems and large heads. "When the roses are mature, they are immediately harvested and refrigerated," says Jan. "This way, we ensure that the flowers stay in good quality for transport to the Netherlands."

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Great variety

Van der Plas has partnerships with a large number of growers in Ecuador. For instance, the well-known red roses Freedom and Explorer come from the high-altitude parts of the country. But other well-known varieties also have their roots in Ecuador. Think of roses that are widely used in bridal bouquets such as Quicksand, White O'Hara and Pink O'Hara. The more exclusive varieties of roses where each flower has multiple colours are grown in Ecuador, as well as in a number of African countries. A specialised company checks the quality of all roses before they are transported and keeps an eye on whether new varieties are being grown. So we are the first to know when a beautiful, new rose is available that you can surprise your customers with!

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High-quality roses for every customer

When you want to offer your customers pure perfection, the ideal flowers are roses from Ecuador. With their large flower, sturdy stem and intense colours, you can easily create full bouquets with a beautiful look. With the multi-coloured roses, you can also add a little extra luxury to your bouquets. Do you only want the best for your customers? Then spoil them with roses of the highest quality from Ecuador!

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