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The top 5 Ecuador roses for this wedding season! Wedding season is here! As a stylist, wedding planner or buyer of a floral wholesaler, you naturally want the very best for your clients. And when it comes to roses, there's no better place to look than breathtaking Ecuador. Discover our top 5 Ecuador roses and get started this wedding season with this year's trend colour: Peach Fuzz.

Van der Plas- Weddingflowers - Ecuador roses

Why Ecuador roses?

Ecuador is known for its lush landscapes and ideal climate for growing flowers. What makes roses from Ecuador so special? The answer lies in the rich soil, perfect temperature and loving care. This results in roses of unparalleled quality. Stems are thicker, heads are larger and colours are more intense. The perfect flower for your client's most important day. Discover the top 5 for wedding season 2024!

Van der Plas- Weddingflowers - Ecuador roses

Top 5 Ecuador Roses

  1. Quicksand: This dreamy rose, with its soft champagne colour, is perfect for weddings in the 2024 season. This rose adds a touch of romance to any occasion.

  2. Phoenix: The Phoenix shines with its beautiful pink colour, silky petals and head size of up to 7.5 centimetres. Ideal for creating an impact at weddings!

  3. Playa Blanca: As bright as the sun-drenched beaches of Ecuador, this pure white rose shines with elegance and purity. A radiant, timeless choice.

  4. Shimmer: Shimmer roses sparkle like precious jewels with their pale pink hues and up to 58 shimmering petals. They really add a touch of glamour.

  5. Tibet: With its delicate petals and warm white tones, Tibet brings a sense of serenity. The perfect addition to the trend colour Peach Fuzz that is taking centre stage this wedding season!

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The perfect complement

For a truly breathtaking wedding, the rose varieties Mondial, Pink Floyd and Aloha from our year-round basic range are the perfect additions to the already stunning top five. Mondial, with its classic white flowers, brings timeless elegance. Pink Floyd, with its vibrant pink colour, adds a dash of playfulness and romance. And Aloha, with its trendy peach colour and subtly fragrant flowers, creates an atmosphere of warmth and welcome.

Take weddings, arrangements and bouquets to an even higher level by adding delphiniums , senecia (jacobaea) and gypsum. These additional elements add depth, contrast and personality, creating an enchanting atmosphere. With a careful mix of trendy roses and complementary flowers, weddings in 2024 will be a true masterpiece!

Van der Plas- Weddingflowers - Ecuador roses

Purchasing wedding roses

Strive for the highest quality flowers and a unique experience for your customers. That's essential for you as a rose buyer this wedding season 2024! With our top 5 roses from Ecuador - Quicksand, Phoenix, Playa Blanca, Shimmer and Tibet - you are assured of enchanting flowers that will capture the hearts of your customers. So don't wait any longer and dive into the world of our Ecuador roses. And get inspired for a stunning bridal season!

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