Dried flowers

A dried flower wedding can easily be called a trend within a trend. Hipper than hip. Brides and grooms choose dried flowers for their wedding. In this blog, an ode to the colourful, versatile dried flowers. The name of the wedding theme: Let's pop some colour. Be stunned by an explosion of colour.

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Let's pop some colour - dried flowers wedding

With colourful dried flowers it is immediately clear: we are going to have a party. The love between two people is more than enough reason to have a fantastic time. This day is one never to forget and we like to show it. Dried flowers are colourful, use them to your advantage! Do you have colourful customers who know how to throw a party? Feel free to recommend this Let's pop some colour theme. Extravagant: add fresh flowers as an accent and steal the show! Read below which dried flowers to choose for a wedding.

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Trendy coloured dried flowers

If you are looking for dried flowers for a wedding, you want top quality. Our Flourishing Partner Greenflor has an endless assortment of dried flowers. With their label Dutch Master of Dried Flowers they even go one step further. Which dried flowers are suitable for a wedding? That depends on your customer. Does your client want to be extravagant and colourful? Then choose bright colours. Dried Aricana leaves, dried Cortaderia and dried pampas are available in all colours. Does your client prefer neutral colours? Then have a look at a Nude Colour wedding, but with dried flowers. More tips for a successful dried flowers wedding can be found below.

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Tips for a dried flowers wedding

Dried flowers are trendy, hip and colourful! And you can always use dried flowers. And the quality is guaranteed. Windy location? Dry flowers are suitable! Warm or hot location? Dried flowers are suitable! Protect dried flowers from moisture. Moisture and dried flowers do not go well together. The most important tip: let your customers enjoy their wedding endlessly by using dried flowers. The bridal bouquet stays perfect. If that is not eternal love...

Hopefully we inspired you with the Let's pop some colour theme. A wedding is romantic, special and exciting. The #1 platform for florists takes care of you as a florist with the wedding order list. Van der Plas promises: fixed prices, delivery guarantee and quality assurance. You can order your flowers months in advance. And that feels good.

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